Gillie Claire De Lara – Nurse and Revenue Cycle Executive


I am Gillie Claire De Lara; you can call me Claire. I’m currently living here in Manila, Philippines. I am happily married and have a daughter. We love to travel and do outdoors activities.

I graduated in 2013 and got my license a year after. After graduation and before taking the board exam, I worked as a private duty nurse where I took care of a kidney transplant patient. I also served as her personal assistant, reminding her of the tasks and appointment for the day because she is a CEO in a Real Estate Company. I am proud that I was able to take care of her well during my stay there but most importantly, I learned the value of compassion and genuine care for a patient. In return, my patient also treated me well and showed that she also cares for me.

I also had the chance to work in a rural hospital in the island where I grew up. There, I performed different nursing tasks and had transported emergency patients going to Manila to receive further medical care. I only stayed there for a short time but it was a fulfilling experience knowing that in a way I was able to help in my community.

After several months, I moved back here in Manila and worked in a clinic conducting pre-employment medical exams for seafarers. The number of patients that we need to conduct a test was overwhelming; about 100-150 on a regular day and could reach up to 200-400 during peak season, but I was able to adapt and adjust myself to this set up.

I then decided to try working in a BPO company as a Revenue Cycle Executive. Our task here includes reviewing patient’s charts for prior authorisation, calling the patient’s insurance company to verify coverage and policies of the insurance and ensuring that the patient’s healthcare benefits cover the required procedure. I enjoyed working there. I was doing well in my job and I had a great support system with my colleagues. The company provided us with a target and I was able to deliver it and provide quality work. I think this experience will give me an edge as it allowed me to analyse, comprehend, and communicate gillie-claire-de-lara-by-the-parkmedical related matters.

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I decided to stop working and focused first on taking care of her, which I think is the most important thing any mother can do. Right now I feel like she’s old enough for me to go back to work and help provide for her needs.

I came across different home based jobs and realised that this would be a good option since I don’t need to travel to work and at the same time I can still be a full time mum to my child. Honestly, this is my first time applying for a home based job. Even though this is new for me, I watched tutorials and tried to do my best to learn and broaden my knowledge and acquired skills.

I may be a newbie in this freelance world but I am committed and have a positive outlook in life. I believe everything can be learned and experience is the best teacher. I know others would prefer an experienced virtual assistant but I am willing to learn new skills to be an asset to the team. I hope you will give me a shot.

For a copy of Gillie’s resume please click here.