Grace Borlagdan – Data Entry Specialist

Mabuhay! I’m Grace!

… coffee addict, internet surfer, music lover and chocolate junkie… and here’s my story:

Growing Up

I am 39, a Mom, and I live in a rural area of Cavite here in Philippines. I have a younger sister and I am the eldest. My parents run a business in a marketplace selling clothes, school supplies, toys – actually, name it and we stock it (except food)! But when my mother died on 1992 we lacked the funds necessary to continue the business and made the hard decision to close it.

I studied at an all girls exclusive school from kindergarten through to high school. I was the typical shy-type and didn’t participate that much in school activities. That changed in my senior year when my confidence grew and I was able to express my thoughts and desires.

I do have some ‘naughty’ memories from my senior year. LOL I skipped my Filipino subject because I wasn’t ready for a graded recitation, primarily because I did not study for my assignment! I pretended to be sick and went to the school clinic to rest during that subject and then returned to class afterwards. There was also another time when we were allowed to take a lunch break outside of school grounds and my friends and I went to the movies and didn’t come back to school. As they say, pushing the boundaries is all part of high school life!

During my college years I attended two separate universities. I felt that I was not happy with my chosen course in my first school, so I transferred to a computer college where I graduated in Business Information System after 2 years.


The first job I landed was with a Business Processing Outsourcing company (BPO) in Makati City, PH. I was initially engaged for calls, but I was not that confident and I honestly couldn’t see myself growing with the company, so I began working for two companies – that one and another BPO that handled back office clerical non voice work. I was happy and eventually my skills and knowledge grew.

I chose to resign from the corporate world when I fell pregnant as I wanted to stay at home to take care of my baby and my family. That was when I commence working from home. I have no regrets on leaving the corporate world and choosing online work. The huge benefits include not needing to endure the 2 hour traffic jams each way. I am good at handling my flexible timetable and I have mastered the art of multi-tasking! And – I love clients who are good payers!!!

I am a motivated, diligent and organized person. I want to make the most of my data entry and clerical skills to contribute to my client’s company. I can process and update customer information on your database, perform in depth web research, clerical and document processing. I can handle client emails, and even run your social media accounts. I can be your assistant for non voice back office tasks.

I have a mind-set of making my clients happy and satisfied by providing them with excellent and quality work. Appreciating my work and being treated like part of a family – not just an employee is the best feeling in the world and I will love my client for that!

To my future clients – consider me your most reliable Virtual Assistant!

For a copy of Grace’s resume please click here.