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Mavelle Cudiamat

Mavelle Cudiamat - Bookkeeper I used to hate numbers. I never imagined myself working in the corporate world because I’m into health and biology. But as fate would have it, I ended up taking Accountancy in college and fell in love with it. I was able to graduate with flying colours. My previous boss from the bank where I [...]


Florissa W. Benolerao

Florissa W. Benolerao - CSR and Administration I am a professional with over 4 years of experience in Virtual Assistance. I started as a researcher and lead Generator and eventually became an Advertising Manager and Photo editor. I worked as a content writer and Admin Assistant. Prior to being a Virtual Assistant, I honed my skills working in the [...]


Karyn Durbin-Zlatkovic

Karyn Durbin-Zlatkovic - Human Resources and Administration Hello there, my name is Karyn. I am here to be your Virtual Assistant extraordinaire! I love doing the nitty gritty work of sorting out issues and solving problems. I like organising and getting things into order. Able to work with little supervision, I recently completed a university degree online from home [...]


Karla Franceska E. Canto

Karla Franceska E. Canto - Executive Assistant Hi! My name is Karla Franceska Canto but you could call me Ceska. You might feel a bit tired probably from all the profiles you have been reading. So why wont we play a quick game to make things more interesting? I will give you 3 facts and you can guess which [...]


Jemima B. Franco

Jemima B. Franco - Administrative Assistant, Sales and Marketing 1. When and how did you get started as a Virtual Assistant? I heard of it back in 2016 when I started working in a BPO Company located in Clark. I worked there as an Executive Assistant. I was curious about how the VA works and wanted to give it [...]


Juhanna M. Sy

Juhanna M. Sy - Administrative Assistant Hi there, my name is Juhanna M. Sy from Cebu and most of my friends call me Juh or “insik” since I am of Chinese descent. I am the second child of the family and I have one older brother. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Computer Science. [...]


Dawn May Patilan

Dawn May Patilan - Administrator and Social Media Manager My name is Dawn May Patilan. You can call me Dawn. I am a Licensed Mining Engineer. I am 23 years old and I live in the Philippines. To know me better, I am a dog person. I have two dogs named Cloudy and Tiny. Cloudy because she’s very fluffy [...]


Leoj Laurence Villamor Dominguez

Leoj Laurence Villamor Dominguez - CSR & Recruitment Associate I can say that I can provide you with very satisfactory results when it comes to remote jobs. I am reliable and efficient. I do have the knowledge and experience as well. I am writing this story to tell you how awesome it is to work remotely. My name is [...]