Joycelyn Amigo Villareal – Human Resources

joycelyn-amigo-villareal-formalI’m Joycelyn Villareal, and friends call me Joyce, Jot or Joc. There are 6 in my family, and I’m second to the youngest. My mother doesn’t have a job and my father is a freelancer on a printing press —— receiving orders for commission.

During the peak of my Father’s career, we had made investments such as a car and new furniture, and we had a great life! But my mother didn’t want us to take that money for granted. And then when my sister was diagnosed with diabetes, all of our savings was spent on her. We did all we could – and of course we don’t know how long we are going to be here on earth… and I’m sad to say, my eldest sister died because of chronic kidney disease. We were so devastated and struggling to move on.

But we did…

Moving forward, I had my own family and my first child was born. Like any first time parents, we were not prepared at all. We took on debt to cover our expenses. That’s when I thought of having an online home-based job during my maternity leave. My colleague introduced me to her Filipino boss who was looking for someone to assist with the creation of a car book. I passed the qualifying exam and worked for him for 8 months as a writer. I then had to stop because due to some misunderstandings. I then focused on my job within Human Resources.

joycelyn-amigo-villareal-daughterIn late 2018, my second child was born. Although I had to focus on my current work assignment, expenses increased. I had to take on debts to pay debts.

In 2019, another challenge came into our lives. My mother was rushed to the hospital with an extreme infection and needed to have a blood transfusion. We didn’t know where we would get the funds to cover her expenses, but one thing we did know was that we needed to fight for our mum. My mum had to be in the hospital for one week, and we had to take care of all of the expenses. Thank you God, she was able to recover, and we are still now recovering financially.

Then in June 2019, I experienced some unavoidably life-changing situations…

My eldest child was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and I was shaken with the findings but I know I really need to accept it. This will be a long process involving a long term need for medication. That’s why I thought of a career move that will cover all of my expenses, and that’s when I thought of going back to working online.

Now I am still searching and hoping I can get one very soon.

Thank you and God Bless!

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