Trisha Santos

Trisha Santos - Administrative Assistant, ESL Success doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes it takes years of hard work, patience, and discipline. Hello there! My name is Trisha. I am twenty-nine years old from the Philippines. I am friendly, nice, and sweet. I am the youngest among three daughters in our family. My Dad was a Captain of the sea but [...]


Jennifer Nieves Agbu

Jennifer Agbu - Customer Service Representative I started questioning myself about what I can do to be better and to live by my own means. I realized I can’t be working forever in a contact center. I was already there before working on my own, however, there are things that we can’t control and so I decided to work [...]


Sushmita Gem Sumaylo Granada

Sushmita Granada - Administrative Assistant, Social Media Manager I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in International Studies at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. When I graduated, I really wanted to be independent so I went out of my comfort zone and started working in Cebu as a call center agent. I have been working in [...]


Steven Joseph Credo

Steven Credo - Administrative Assistant Hello, my name is Steven. My family and friends call me Steve. Either Steve or Steven is fine with me. I finished my bachelor's degree in 2015 and tried my luck in the education industry. It wasn't the best for me and I made mistakes along the way. However, I grew from that and [...]


Justine Bacog

Justine Bacog - Administrative Assistant, Customer Service My name is Justine but you can call me Thin for short. I am an Office Administrator undergraduate. The reason why I didn't pursue my study because we’re having a financial problem at that time. Both my two sisters and I are in college. Their profession was different from mine, which is [...]


Vince Rhail Alo

Vince Alo - Customer Service Representative Hi there! I am Vince Rhail Alo, my friends and colleagues call me Vince. I am a Human Resource Management and Development graduate, with honors. I take pride in my academic achievement because I supported my studies. I juggled school and work to acquire my Bachelor’s Degree. I do not have kids but [...]


Evhen Bryla Pamintuan

Evhen Pamintuan - Real Estate, Administrative Assistant Hello! Thank you for checking my profile and I am delighted to share my short story with you… I am Evhen Bryla Pamintuan and you may call me Bry for short. I was born and raised in Pampanga, Philippines. I am the eldest child in the family. I just got married last [...]


Ryan Carlo Medrozo

Ryan Medrozo - Recruitment Consultant Hi, my name is Ryan, however, I prefer to be called Rainne. I am a registered nurse by profession and when I started to work, I first landed a job as a company nurse and throughout most of my working career as well. I have a very interesting working experience since I was also [...]


Bashorun Olanrewaju

Bashorun Olanrewaju - Administrative Assistant Hi my name is Bashorun Olanrewaju, my nick name is Larry Bash. I have a very rough background while growing up. I was born in a ghetto in Nigeria, but I tried to build my career and sharpen my life to who I am today. I started my career in Nadina Industrial Ltd as [...]


Jiselle Jarenio Estrellado

Jiselle Estrellado - Administrative Assistant, Sales I have 5 years of experience as a Virtual Assistant for the CEO of a lead generation company and also spent 3 years as a Sales Assistant for an SEO agency. Both organizations are in good shape at the moment and I was proud to be a part of it. I obtained my [...]

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