Khryzel Castañeda Baring – Accounting

khryzel-castaneda-baring-profileHi, my name is Khryzel Castañeda Baring from Cebu, Philippines. I’m 28 years old and married to a loving husband for two years now with no kids yet. I studied in the University of San Carlos with a degree in Management Accounting last 2012.

After graduation, I first worked with Accenture Philippines as an Accounts Payable Analyst for three years. I handled three different processes during my tenure namely, invoice processing, accounts payable helpdesk and vendor master data management.

My experience with Accenture was definitely a challenge since our markets were then from US and Canada. Imagine working on a night shift while being a fresh graduate! Although the schedule was quite difficult, I still managed to excel and rose to the top. I was awarded with the highest score every month. Because of this, I was entrusted to migrate a new project for the team. I did the training for one month and documented the whole process until its final implementation. We stabilized the project in three months and had a successful go-live thereafter.

After Accenture, I moved to Mercedes Benz Group Services Philippines, Inc. as an Interface Management Analyst for four years. This was actually more of a support/admin role and was very different with my previous job. We basically aid in ensuring that the documents/files from the local servers were successfully integrated into the central system so that the accounting team could start processing. We khryzel-castaneda-baring-vaserved as the first step of the business cycle because we load the day-to-day files and resolve any error or issue in between.

Although this job was not accounting-related, I still managed to excel among my colleagues. One year after, I was sent to Madrid, Spain to handle a new project for the team. I worked hand in hand with our Marid colleagues and did the testing until its final implementation. I still authored the documentation for the whole process to ensure that there were no missed steps. The project was stabilized after three months and I trained three team members to learn and support the project with me.

My career had been very interesting in the past seven years. I had 3 years of experience in accounts payable and 4 years in a support/admin role. These may be two different processes but I only have one definite goal – to excel. I have to stay focused and do the best in everything. I can proudly say that my achievements are born from determination and hard work because I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart and mind into it.

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