Katherina Angelica Garcia

Katherina Angelica Garcia - Customer Service, Social Media Manager Hi, I'm Katherina Garcia but you can call me Kate. I have been working for almost 20 years now, mostly in the customer service field, but I also have experiences in Sales and Marketing, Freight forwarding, Appointment setting and Digital Marketing. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration [...]


Rizza Arendaeng

Rizza Arendaeng - Executive Assistant Hello! My name is Rizza Arendaeng, and I've been working as a Professional Virtual Assistant for the past two years. I'm a single mom to a sweet little boy named Lucas. Being a single mother is difficult, and it's easy to feel as if you're fighting alone, it's the hardest part of it, but [...]


Mariel V. Uba

Mariel Uba - Customer Service Representative Hi there! I'm Mariel V. Uba, but you can call me Yel. I completed my Bachelor in Elementary Education degree Major in Content Education last 2014 and graduated as Cum Laude. Believing that learning is a continuous and life-long pursuit for growth, I have decided to start taking my graduate studies with a [...]


Sharilyn Sy

Sharilyn Sy - Administrative Assistant, Sales Hello! My name is Sharilyn, but you can call me “Shai”. I’m a sales professional with over 13 years of sales experience, mainly in the tourism industry. I started off my career as a Reservations Officer in an inbound travel agency. After a year of working, I got promoted to the sales department [...]


Yves Lowell Angeles

Yves Angeles - Property Management Specialist Hi! My name is Yves Lowell. My family and friends call me Yves so it will be awesome if you can do the same. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Unfortunately, due to the challenges we encountered when I graduated, I didn’t have the chance to take the board [...]


Mark Anthony Peralta

Mark Peralta - Civil Engineer In the Philippines, I am a licensed civil engineer. I had never considered being an engineer since I was a child. In my final two years of high school, I got completely obsessed with mathematics, and it quickly became my favorite subject. It was at that point that I realized how much I enjoy [...]


Jovey Brimbuela

Jovey Brimbuela - Customer Service Representative Hello! You can call me Beng. I am a 25 year old goal-oriented person. I like to keep the working environment light and positive. I enjoy tasks related to Customer Service, Google Suite (Excel, Word, Calendar, etc.), Administrative Works, Planning and Organizing, and even anything related to Multimedia Arts because I am a [...]


Acelyn Barcelite

Acelyn Barcelite - Accounting and Bookkeeping My name is Acelyn Barcelite but you can call me Ace and I am from Cebu, Philippines. My interests include; traveling, playing volleyball, paper crafting, and doing volunteer work. I love to engage in the development of our community because it gives me unexplainable fulfillment. Back in college, I was a volunteer in [...]


Jennifer Berenguer

Jennifer Berenguer - Administrative Assistant I never dreamt, nor was it my goal, to become a Leadership and Management trainer. Life gave me a lot of lemons, and I made them into lemonades; being a trainer was one of the best lemonades I have ever done in my life. I was in a precarious, depressing situation with my ex-husband, [...]