Mark Dionne Bautista – Real Estate Subject Matter Expert

mark-dionne-bautista-formalAfter my graduation, my eagerness to have work experience based on my profession drove me to work in a Mechanical Engineering Firm.

On my first day, I made it my goal to learn everything I could to reach a supervisory position. As time passed I learned how to communicate effectively with clients, how to handle technicians, and how to solve technical problems that arose in our company.

Being a problem solver, I started teaching fellow students mathematics. I shared my techniques on how to conquer their fear in solving mathematical problems. One day, a student’s father approached me, offering me a job in construction that needed a problem solver in terms of administration, cash flow, and productivity.

Since the traffic is progressively getting worse in the Philippines, I decided to work remotely in my home. My family is always here to encourage me – but ever since I was in high school, we all have our own lives, businessesĀ and so-called agendas in our home…

My father is always busy in his machine shop and my mother in her school. I am the youngest in the family and I have two sisters. The eldest is teaching in a public school and the middle one is practicing law. Since we have different plans in life, I became more independent in choosing my path and working hard to achieve it. I even worked all night just to support myself in my review class and to provide for my needs.

My hobbies are watching Netflix whenever I felt that my mind is overheating from stress and I also enjoy discovering new things on the net. I remember when I was in college; I created biodiesel from used cooking oil and I used it in my truck for testing – and it worked just fine! But, after a week the engine broke down and I came to the conclusion that the mixture of my biodiesel needs to be more precise and testing should be performed in laboratories. šŸ˜‰ In my last year in college, I studied urine powered batteries, and I learned that a litre of urine with normal acidic content can light a bulb for one hour and thirty minutes. I enjoy discovering new things;Ā it gives me a real buzz.

My hope in that in 2020, I will find a long-term job that pays well so I can invest in foreign exchange and save the rest for my future. I also hope to gain more experience in this technical career and I will do anything to overcome my weaknesses and become an advantage to others. I turn my fears into opportunities and I take every chance that I can so that there are no what-ifs in my life.

The experiences I gained have molded me to become a strategist that will create an overall plan for accomplishing every project and giving you satisfaction at the same time. In short, I know how to get things done.

For a copy of Mark’s resume please click here.