Bhaby Dhian Perez

Bhaby Dhian Perez - Product Support, Assistant Manager For the past 11 years, I have been exposed to the customer service industry. I used to be a service crew for a year. I was also in-charged of the daily sales report and inventory. After three months of being an outstanding employee, I got promoted as a team leader in [...]


Mary Grace Ilagan

Mary Ilagan - Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Hi! Good day! This is Mary Grace Ilagan, but you can call me Grace for short. I don't have any experience in VA, but I'm willing to undergo training and learn how it works. I am a vocational graduate with a certificate in Cosmetology and an undergraduate in Hotel And Restaurant Services. [...]


Jan Marie Barreda

Jan Barreda - Administrative Assistant, Graphic Design Hello! Jan here. In many cultures and countries, being a left-hander is thought to be unnatural. In eastern countries like India or in the Middle East, left-handedness is thought to be rude. In the UK, too, left-handed children were once forced to use their right hands. Growing up, although I never really [...]


Diane Emmerie Uyking

Diane Uyking - Finance Manager Diane finished her studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Ateneo de Davao University Philippines in 2013. When Diane was a fresh graduate, she applied for a Customer Service Representative position in a Banking institution and was always comfortable working in a corporate setting. She worked there for almost 4 [...]


Leonard Julian Abenir

Leonard Julian Abenir - Customer Service Representative Hello, I’m Julian, and let me tell my story. March 2016 when I graduated from the University finishing my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I went to Metro Manila to look for opportunities since I originally lived on an island away from the Metro areas. For someone who has first time experience [...]


Bernadette Salvani

Bernadette Salvani - Customer Service Representative My name is Bernadette Salvani. A simple tour of my life: I am the youngest among 7 siblings. I am the one who takes care of my mom and at the same time, a single parent for my 13-year-old daughter. I was a scholar back in college and with the support of the [...]