Efren Leonar

Before I became a freelancer/virtual assistant I was once a Cook for a Japanese Restaurant in the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu City. I just love cooking and I’ve been longing to become a successful Chef someday and maybe get the chance to work in a hotel abroad or on a Cruiseline… but when my family experienced some problems financially, it became really hard for me to support them as I was working under an agency in that hotel. So I was only expecting to get less than 4,000 pesos every cut off (bi-weekly) which was not enough since I was also renting on an apartment and at the same time I needed to support myself and secure my own budget – but as much possible I always try to help them. So that was the reason why I had no choice but to set aside my love of cooking and venture into Call Centers and BPO companies for almost 2 years. I also had a chance to work as a VA but in an office-based set-up.