Efren Leonar – Administrative Assistance

efren-leonar-casualBefore I became a freelancer/virtual assistant I was once a Cook for a Japanese Restaurant in the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu City. I just love cooking and I’ve been longing to become a successful Chef someday and maybe get the chance to work in a hotel abroad or on a Cruiseline… but when my family experienced some problems financially, it became really hard for me to support them as I was working under an agency in that hotel. So I was only expecting to get less than 4,000 pesos every cut off (bi-weekly) which was not enough since I was also renting on an apartment and at the same time I needed to support myself and secure my own budget – but as much possible I always try to help them. So that was the reason why I had no choice but to set aside my love of cooking and venture into Call Centers and BPO companies for almost 2 years. I also had a chance to work as a VA but in an office-based set-up.

When I was still working in the Call Center, I was able to realise the value of the moments I had missed while working away from my family and that is the very reason why I started to save up some cash so I could fully transition to home-based work after buying a laptop.

And when that day finally came, I was so lucky to be able to meet a client that is very humble and genuinely aiming to help me improve and acquire more skills in that way I can benefit from it as a freelancer.

Gone are the days or idea when getting a good job was my only dream. Now, I dream about a job that doesn’t have any restrictions on working hours, work location, and still pays well. A job that you can always treat as a business and a career wherein you’ll never stop learning new skills cause for every skill you get, is another dollar on top of your rate. Freelancing has so much to offer to those who seek freedom and change of lifestyle, as well as the ability or opportunity to be able to support someone, like my family.

It was never easy in the beginning. It’s sometimes plagued with distraction, self-doubt, and miscommunication but I was able to go through it just by keeping my efren-leonar-outcomposure, faith, and my positivity intact.

I will always be inspired by the hustle and the process of growing through what I was able to go through before. For those people who are considering a change of career, it is never too late to start freelancing. I myself have even taught and trained 2 good friends of mine; one works at a motorcycle parts shop, the other is a gasoline boy. Both of them were longing to someday have the opportunity to be able to work at home at the same time earn twice than their minimum wage. Now, they’re both very grateful for the opportunity I’ve given them, just by teaching them how to make a good looking resume through canva, a couple of tweaks on their laptops which are not even Intel core i3, and feeding them with the necessary motivation to keep on going. Now, they’re both working with 2 clients.

So to wrap things up… For me, the most precious thing I do value in life is the moments. Creating more memories and the chance to be more fully present.

For a copy of Efren’s resume please click here.