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Katrina Ann T. Aclan

Katrina Ann T. Aclan - ESL Tutor My name is Katrina. My world revolves around my two children. I am a solo mum and that to me is a superpower. I had been a single mother since 2009. At first, I will admit that it was so tough, I even felt that it seemed impossible. Juggling work, house chores, [...]


Lee Y. Pastrana

Lee Y. Pastrana - CSR and Team Leader Hello, my name is Lee Pastrana :) As a Senior Team Leader, this role developed my personality on how to handle different personalities. I have been in charge of the daily operations including training of new hires and orientation of house rules. Customer Service is also my passion and it makes [...]


Gino Martelli Villanueva Bay

Gino Martelli Villanueva Bay - Technical Support Representative Hi everyone, my name is Gino Martelli Bay. I preferred to be called Gino. I'm happily married, but no kids yet. I have been with the BPO industry for almost 9 years now. It isn't in line with my profession but I do find it enjoyable. Perhaps being able to help [...]


Fatima Grace Gaudiano

Fatima Grace Gaudiano - Executive Assistant Fatima Grace Gaudiano – Executive and Administrative Assistant, Quality Assurance Specialist, CSR Hi! I’m Fatima. Most people call me Tim. :) Being an orphan at a young age made me stronger and dependent on myself. Losing my parents is the heartache that will never fade away but I believe that everything happens for [...]


Gabrielle Joy Gamboa

Gabrielle Joy Gamboa - Social Media Specialist My friends have always tagged me “the walking encyclopedia” for knowing the most random facts. Even though I’ve always found that amusing, the teasing made me hesitant to share the things I knew, until the day I discovered my passion for research and Social Media Management. Hi! My name is Gabrielle Gamboa, [...]


Symon Joshua P. Santos

Symon Joshua P. Santos - Administrative Assistant Whether you're looking for someone to assist you through e-mail support, help you write for your blog, proofread your works, or just assist you in any way possible, then I got you! I'm Symon Joshua P. Santos, and this is my story. As a child, there were just too many traumatic memories [...]


Rose-Ann Nazarene Libre

Rose-Ann Nazarene Libre - eCommerce and Social Media Manager I hope everything is good and achievable for everyone. My name is Rose-Ann Nazarene Libre. I am 24 years of age now with two lovable kids, the eldest is already 5 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. I am an Associate Graduate of Information Technology major in [...]


Bret Axl Loraya

Bret Axl Loraya - Customer Service Specialist I am Bret Axl Loraya. Phew! That’s a long one, so you can call me Bret. I'm 26 years old. I love reading lots of books and watching meaningful movies, and by doing this I learned to understand and speak English well. This skill really helped me when I applied as a [...]


Cristina Cavalles

Cristina Cavalles - CSR and Administrative Assistant Hi there, I am Cristina Cavalles, but you can call me Christy for short. I am an associate graduate of Computer Secretarial and an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I am also a freelance Realtor with License. My dream was to become a Physician, but unfortunately, it didn't go [...]