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Anjelaine Fritzie Catada

Anjelaine Fritzie Catada - CSR, Administration Hi! My name is Anjelaine Fritzie but you can call me Anje for short. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. I was a consistent honour student awardee and Dean's Lister Awardee. I am one of the few students in our University as well who was able [...]


Russell Ryan S. Cataquian

Russell Ryan Cataquain - Customer Support Representative Hi everyone! My name is Russell Ryan Cataquian, and you can just call me Russell. I’m 31 years old and currently unemployed. I intend to apply for a work from home job since I’m not comfortable working on a normal office basis since there is a pandemic right now. I took Bachelors [...]


Cristine Mae P. Onilongo

Cristine Mae Onilongo - CSR, Accounts Receivables Hello there! My name is Cristine but most people I used to be with call me Tin. I graduated from the University of Rizal System in Angono, Rizal, Philippines. My course was Bachelor of Arts Major in English. When I graduated at College, I was recognised as The Best in Thesis Writing [...]


Vicente V. Ardenio Jr.

Vicente Ardenio Jr - CSR, ESL Teacher, Sales Agent Hi! my name is Vicente V. Ardenio Jr. I live in Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines. My nickname is Bam. When I was young I saw how difficult life is for us because I came from a poor family. My parents are small farmers. They worked so hard to provide for [...]


Sahara Mae Tamayo

Sahara Mae Tamayo - Accountant Ever since I was a kid, I already loved to deal with numbers and enjoyed solving maths problems. That's why, I've decided to make my passion a profession so I can enjoy it as much as possible! I've been practicing accounting for four years now and worked with multiple companies where I managed or [...]


Vega Atienza

Vega Atienza - Operations and Business Development Specialist I was bestowed with the unusual first name “Vega” by my father, who said it would stand out compared to all the typical Anne’s and Jenny’s of the world. This may seem to be a lot of pressure to place on a (then not yet known) introverted middle child, but it [...]


Elena Lagada Ruta

Elena Lagada Ruta - Sales and Marketing A blessed day everyone. Hi, my name is Elena Ruta, my friends call me Len. I am from Naga City Camarines Sur (Bicol) Philippines. I am now 33, without kids, and soon to marry my 4-year very supportive partner, in December 2020 (hopefully). I was born in a well-to-do family whose business [...]


Chloe Liana Gevero

Chloe Liana Gevero - CSR, Training SupervisorHi! I'm Chloe. I have lot of nicknames. My family calls me "Cloy", my closest friends call me "Cleng", and some would use "Chlo" or "Wee" or just really "Chloe".I am an undergraduate of Tourism, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. It took me a while to figure out what I really wanted, and when [...]


Arlo Dean M. Villasin

Arlo Dean Villasin - Customer Service Hi my name is Arlo Dean M. Villasin and you can call me Dean. I'm 24 years old. I studied psychology when I was in college. What made me choose psychology is my love of people. I love interacting and talking to people and I figured that it would be a great idea [...]

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