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Dianne Azarcon

Dianne Azarcon - Recruitment Officer Hi! I’m Dianne. I don’t have a nickname so you can just call me Dianne. I am a college undergraduate with 3 courses which are Information Technology, Electronic Communications & Engineering and English major. The reason why I never finished any of my courses was because during that time, I wasn’t sure of what [...]


Cloe Belle S. Zamora

Cloe Belle Zamora - Operations Supervisor I have worked in the BPO Industry for over 11 years, with 7 years experience as an Operations Supervisor. I started working as a Customer Service and Technical Support Representative for 3 years, delivered an outstanding performance and got promoted to being an SME (Subject Matter Expert). I got promoted to an Operations [...]


Sean Paul E. Nicolas

Sean Paul Nicolas - Administrative and Customer Service Specialist Hello, I am Sean Paul Nicolas. I am a strong believer that a correct attitude and commitment towards work is better than experience. I have been working for a BPO company as a Manager for the past 7 years and have decided to enter the virtual world to give more [...]


Francis Lowell V. Valdez

Francis Lowell Valdez - CSR, Team Lead My name is Francis Lowell Valdez, but you can call me Saku. I am 37 years of age from Rizal, Philippines. I am a Journalism undergraduate from a university in Manila. I was not able to finish my studies due to financial constraints. I started my BPO stint as a Technical Support [...]


Glenn Mardoquio

Glenn Mardoquio - Customer Service Representative I'm Glenn Mañoza Mardoquio from Cebu, Philippines. You can call me Glenn. I finished a 2-year Associate course in STI Computer College Cebu and graduated in 2003. In 2004, I landed my first job. I was a Production Technician for a Japanese manufacturing company somewhere in the northern part of Cebu. My job [...]


Bea Marie Allanic

Bea Marie Allanic - Online English Instructor Hi everyone! My name is Bea Allanic. Just call me Bea or Bei. I am 27 years old, single, and was able to finish 2 years of my course, Bachelor of Science in Criminology. I'm the youngest of 5 siblings. My mother is a retired registered nurse and my father was a [...]


Ranie Sumilang

Ranie Sumilang - Real-time Analyst I’m Ranie Martinez Sumilang. My colleagues call me Ranie Boy. I’m a father of two and a faithful husband to my wife. I graduated with a Diploma in Computer in Electronics Technology. My first job was as a Customer Service Representative/Head Technician. That role lasted 3 years. In 2011, I worked as an IT [...]


Anelia Sibal

Anelia Sibal - Customer Service Representative Hello! I’m Anelia. I grew up in a slum area with my father and three sisters. My mum is working as a domestic helper in KSA. When I was just 8 years old, I used to take out the neighbour's trash so that in return I would receive some cash. During my fourth [...]