Peter Raymund Loy Capili

Peter Raymund Loy Capili - CSR/TSR, Marketing Greetings! My name is Peter and I`ve been working online for more than 12 years now. I started way back in 2008 as a paid product reviewer of products/services offered online. It was like doing a blog review of a certain product and using some keywords given by the company. I ventured [...]


Ratna Tatiana Dewi

Ratna Tatiana Dewi - Business Administration and Marketing My name is Ratna. I am a mother of two, and I have work experiences in managing website, social media and Google/Facebook Ads. I now live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to that, I used to live in Brisbane, Australia, for more than 2 years. At that time, I was studying my [...]


John Dave Solitario

John Dave Solitario - Social Media, Logo and Graphic Design I graduated from the University of Pangasinan with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. During my college days, I had friends who are into graphic design and I was amazed with the craft. I tried doing graphics as a hobby and later on was able to make a small [...]


Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo

Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo - Administrative Assistant Hello, I am Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo. I grew up in Baguio City. I became independent when my parents separated. I worked as a Student Assistant at University of Baguio, where I studied Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Engineering. I used my salary to pay my tuition fees. I worked at the University’s [...]


Reynold Evasco Agarao

Reynold Evasco Agarao - General Accountant They call me Rey or Aga, my nickname is derived from my first name REYnold and surname AGArao. I am an accountant by profession, non-CPA. I’ve been working in this profession for over a decade now. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Year 1999-2000. I came from a less [...]


Fairuz P. Mama

Fairuz Mama - Xero Certified Advisor I’m Fairuz Mama, but it makes me smile when just you call me Fai (sounds like Hi!). I grew up in a small village which is surrounded by water – to the east is the lake and to the west is the river, and it is in that small village where my taste [...]


Arvin T. Prudenciado

Arvin Prudenciado - Social Media Management and E-Commerce Hello, Vin here from Cebu City, and this is my story (well, some parts of it). Growing up, I thought that there was just a linear path one’s road could travel. I thought that a vivid vision of oneself can be attained just because someone predestined you to be such. Graduate [...]