Michelangelo Macaraeg

Michelangelo Macaraeg - Developer Greetings! - My name is Michelangelo but you can call me Macky. I am a Web Developer with almost a decade of experience under my belt. My career as a Web Developer lead me to develop a lot of general and customised websites and web applications. I am also quite experienced in other related fields [...]


Sharmaine Tuy

Sharmaine Tuy - Content Writer I am Sharmaine, and I am not your ordinary virtual assistant. I genuinely believe that I am a one-stop-shop, a jack of all trades, a woman who juggles and hustles skills because she's hungry to learn. I have to warn you that I'm the type of person who is always hungry for more. Whenever [...]


Julienne Gomez, BSN, RN

Julienne Gomez, BSN, RN - Copy Editor My name is Julienne Gomez. I am a graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Silliman University. I have been working online for the past 5 years. I am the youngest among three siblings. I grew up in a little city along with my family. At the age [...]


Jamaica Ramos Cañeda

Jamaica Ramos Cañeda - Programmer Hi, I’m Jamaica! I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in June 2018. As a fresh graduate I do not have that much work experience that I can share, but I can tell you about my experiences during my internship days... I interned for three companies, the first one I only worked [...]


Mark Anthony C. Omega

Mark Anthony C. Omega - Bookkeeping and Accounts Management Good day! My name is Mark Omega. “The pursuit of knowledge is a life-long process. There will always be knowledge to learn and skills to acquire.” My passion for learning started at a young age. Growing up in a broken family and in poverty made me realise that things are [...]


Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja

Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja - Account Specialist Hi, I’m Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja. Please call me “Trixie”. Just to tell you a little bit of background about me. I was 16 years old when I first decided to find a job to help my parents. During that time, my mum talked to me and told me that they can no longer [...]


Arron Cabarloc

Arron Cabarloc - CSR, Medical Billing and Claims Specialist Hi, I’m Arron which is spelled a little differently from the usual. My friends call me Ron which is a lot simpler. I’m a registered nurse by profession with almost 5 years of hands-on experience. Deciding to venture in the BPO or call center industry geared toward technology, I started [...]


Elaine Mae P. Ladera

Elaine Mae P. Ladera - Accounting Analyst Welcome to Virtual Assistant Team. This is Daylin your Partner, Assistant, Friend or whatever you may call it. I am here with one goal and that is to make your life easier and help you and your business succeed. Yes, my nickname is 'Daylin' but you can always call me Elaine - [...]


Gizzle M. Saygo

Gizzle M. Saygo - Social Media and WordPress Manager Hey there! My name is Gizzle. I am 28 years of age from DavNor. My friends and family called my Sugar. I studied at the University of the Cordilleras in the course Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I chose this course because it is all about Human Development, so I [...]


Angelica Apostol Saguinsin

Angelica Apostol Saguinsin - Sales Representative Hi there! I am Angelica Apostol Saguinsin. I am 23 years old and I just got married earlier this year. Just call me 'Angel'. I am currently stay at home as a full time loving housewife to my 24 years old husband and I decided and have made a commitment to be a [...]