Arvin T. Prudenciado

Arvin Prudenciado - Social Media Management and E-Commerce Hello, Vin here from Cebu City, and this is my story (well, some parts of it). Growing up, I thought that there was just a linear path one’s road could travel. I thought that a vivid vision of oneself can be attained just because someone predestined you to be such. Graduate [...]


Efren Leonar

Before I became a freelancer/virtual assistant I was once a Cook for a Japanese Restaurant in the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu City. I just love cooking and I’ve been longing to become a successful Chef someday and maybe get the chance to work in a hotel abroad or on a Cruiseline… but when my family experienced some problems financially, it became really hard for me to support them as I was working under an agency in that hotel. So I was only expecting to get less than 4,000 pesos every cut off (bi-weekly) which was not enough since I was also renting on an apartment and at the same time I needed to support myself and secure my own budget – but as much possible I always try to help them. So that was the reason why I had no choice but to set aside my love of cooking and venture into Call Centers and BPO companies for almost 2 years. I also had a chance to work as a VA but in an office-based set-up.


Marianne Tansley

Looking for an experienced, practical and efficient administrator who can use common sense? Here I am! With over 20 years’ of administration experience across a range of industries, I can assist you with any of your general admin needs, ranging from data entry and correspondence, to complex travel arrangements and writing grants and newsletter content. Having worked in both public and private sector offices, I’m able to adapt my working and writing styles to fit into different systems, use new terminology and jargon, and bring order wherever I go.


Sofia Angela D. Aguilera

Sofia Angela D. Aguilera - CSR and E-Commerce Hi, I'm Sofia! I started working in the industry of Customer Service when I was 15 years old. Taking customers' inquiries for breakfast, cooking orders and returns for lunch, and savouring computations from sales of my past experiences. I started working in the BPO industry when I was 18 years old. [...]