Shinga Mavazhe

Shinga Mavazhe - Content Writer, Social Media My name is Shinga Mavazhe. I’m a content writer, social media content creator, blogger and essentially a virtual assistant. I developed an interest in writing through poetry and blog writing for my own personal blog until about two years ago when I decided to start doing online work. I found it interesting [...]


Dannah Crizza Somera

Dannah Crizza Somera - Civil Engineer Hi everyone. I'm Dannah. I'm a licensed Civil Engineer as well as a LinkedIn Specialist, Virtual Assistant, and Social Media Manager. I help people grow their network through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. For Linkedin, I can help you send connection invites, accept connection requests, check your inbox, search leads, track leads, [...]


John Vincent Dy

John Vincent Dy - CSR, Operations and Management Support My name is John Vincent Dy. I have been in the Customer Service Industry for 7 years. As a college student, I took fitter machinist hoping to step foot on a cargo ship, but the time I spent learning the course made me realise that blue-collar jobs are not for [...]


Anna Marie Moncera

Anna Marie Moncera - CSR and ESL Tutor Hi! My name is Anna Marie Moncera. You can call me Anna or Anne. I am 31 years old. Working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for more than 6 years providing customer service to companies in the USA and UK enhanced my English communication skills. During my corporate years, I [...]


Krystle Yris Pearl C. Sazon

Krystle Yris Pearl Sazon - CSR and HelpdeskHi! I'm Krystle Yris Pearl Sazon. Since I have a very long name, my high school classmates decided to give me the shortest nickname ever, "Y". Born, raised, and living here in the Philippines, I am a mother of three kids.I am a college undergraduate in Information Technology. When I was in high [...]


Elieza Jean Plaza

Elieza Jean Plaza - Social Media, Customer Service I am Elieza, you can call me Elly as my nickname. I am a 'province girl' who pursued her studies in the City through scholarship. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. Here in the Philippines, there’s a sweeping generalisation that when you graduate in a particular [...]

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