Bhaby Dhian Perez

Bhaby Dhian Perez - Product Support, Virtual Assistant For the past 11 years, I have been exposed to the customer service industry. I used to be a service crew for a year. I was also in-charged of the daily sales report and inventory. After three months of being an outstanding employee, I got promoted as a team leader in [...]


Diane Emmerie Uyking

Diane Uyking - Finance Manager Diane finished her studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Ateneo de Davao University Philippines in 2013. When Diane was a fresh graduate, she applied for a Customer Service Representative position in a Banking institution and was always comfortable working in a corporate setting. She worked there for almost 4 [...]


Bianca Grace Dizon

Bianca Dizon - General Virtual Assistant Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bianca Grace B. Dizon, from the Philippines and currently residing in the heart of Bicol, Naga City. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2016 and I am a registered nurse by profession. I have 1 year and 6 [...]


Yves Lowell Angeles

Yves Angeles - Property Management Specialist Hi! My name is Yves Lowell. My family and friends call me Yves so it will be awesome if you can do the same. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Unfortunately, due to the challenges we encountered when I graduated, I didn’t have the chance to take the board [...]


Krista Rea Tasha R. Caguite

Krista Caguite - Accountant Hello there! I am Tasha. I am a person who believes that she is destined for greatness and wants to share it with the world. A resilient woman that chooses to move forward in every hardship she faces. I love to discover, explore and do sort of new things to boost my passion and purpose [...]


Jierette Genetia

Jierette Genetia - Administrative Assistant, Graphics Editor Hi! I'm Jierette Genetia. My nickname is Jet. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Philippine Christian University last 2015. Due to family and financial concerns, I graduated later than expected. But it didn’t hinder me from finishing my studies. In my mind at that time, I had to [...]


Manny Deimos

Manny Deimos - Graphic Design Hi, my name is Manny (not the senator). I am a graphic designer and a fun-loving guy. I can talk about the meaning of life, Matrix movies, how confusing the ending of the Inception was, and of course unicorns, until morning. I love to binge-watch stand-up comedies in my free time; being a stand-up [...]


Jennifer Berenguer

Jennifer Berenguer - Administrative Assistant I never dreamt, nor was it my goal, to become a Leadership and Management trainer. Life gave me a lot of lemons, and I made them into lemonades; being a trainer was one of the best lemonades I have ever done in my life. I was in a precarious, depressing situation with my ex-husband, [...]


Nerissa Aurellano

Nerissa Aurellano - Administrative Assistant My name is Nerissa Aurellano from the Philippines and you can call me Nery. I am happily married. I have a 4-year-old boy, and my eldest son is 16 years old. I graduated from STI College with an associate degree in Computer Technology. At the age of 20, I tried working in an electronics [...]


Wynn Therese Navarro

Wynn Navarro - Customer Service Representative Wynn is a Process Executive designated as a Process Trainer. She's experienced working in the BPO industry as a Customer Service Representative. Her forte is being highly receptive to feedback and her ability to adapt fast. In just a half year, she impressively got promoted to a Process Trainer position. Hi! My name [...]