Akshay Agrawal – Administration Assistant

Hello, I’m Akshay Agrawal.

I would like to start off my introduction by saying one simple line, ‘Life is a lesson and one ought to learn important aspects of it through every phase of it’. Some of the life teachings which I have learned through every phase of my life are shared below.

Growing up in a Middle Class family in India, it’s always a struggle to achieve things in life. Necessities can be taken care of, but certain wishes or desires at times remain unfulfilled. Therefore, very early I learned one of the most important aspects of life: containment. It helps people stay grounded and still work hard for their dreams. It works well in situations where desires become your needs and your needs becomes your desires.

During schooling, I was an average student. But I always helped others who were struggling in the subjects which I felt comfortable in. This in turn gave me the guidance in areas where I required some help. And I leaned that, if you do Good, the Good will come back to you.

Progressing further, after taking on my first job (where I was a complete rookie) I was often scolded or criticised when I did not perform tasks to perfection. Despite this, I stuck it out with the company and put my heart and soul into it. Eventually it got to the stage that everybody wanted me as the first name on their team! I worked and communicated with complete honesty, and that helped me gain the trust of everyone working with, and around me. Here, I learned about Perseverance, and giving my best shot at the things which I was not good at… yet. With honesty and strength I turned my haters into my appreciators.

Moving Ahead… just a little though… there comes a time when you have to choose between what is correct and what is right. At times what is correct for you may not be right as per the situation, and sometimes its vice versa. At such junctures one can only rely on one thing, and that is one’s belief in oneself. If a person believes in themselves they will choose the decision which will lead them to their dreams. Hence, I am here now choosing my dream over what would have been right for me, i.e. my job.

Given the opportunity to work with you, I assure you that you will work with a very level headed person who has a simple belief in his work ethics – and that is to work with complete honesty and to give more than 100% in every given situation.

My last line is a very simple one at that: Dream – Desire – Dare – Achieve. A one-liner which keeps me motivated to work towards my goals constantly.

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