Carl Trias –¬†Virtual Office Administrator

Hi I’m Carl!

I’m the youngest of four siblings. I grew up in a broken family and stayed with my Mom. At a very young age I learned things about life the hard way. You could say I had a very ‘hands-on’ upbringing as I performed many household chores, and did the cooking, cleaning, and even washed my own clothes by hand.

In my youth I was the kid who got bullied, and always picked on because I would not fight back. But I always came through and never gave in to peer pressure or the threat of being picked on. I believe this resolve helped me become the person I am today. I stand for what I believe is right – even if I stand alone.

I went to college and then eventually paused my studies so I could serve a two year full-time mission for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For two years I took on various responsibilities including training a new missionary, where I lead small and large groups of missionaries.

This experience built my leadership skills and enhanced my flexibility in dealing with personalities, as I worked with people with different attitudes, cultures and up-bringing. I came to respect those who are of higher and lower ranks, loved the people whom I just recently met, and stretched my patience for those missionaries and the people we taught who were struggling.

After that two year voluntary service, I took a position as a Fraud Analyst for a bank based in the USA for a year. As a analyst I learned how to make quick and PRECISE decisions without someone telling me what to do. An understanding of human behaviour and a keen attention to detail is a must to be successful as a Fraud Analyst. My roles have also involved the need to be a data entry specialist, which I know is a MUST to be an effective Virtual Assistant.

I believe I would be a valuable asset to your organisation, as I believe my attention to detail, strong communication skills, adaptability, and respect for others can only enhance your team’s performance and cohesiveness.

For a copy of Carl’s resume please click here.