Chrislyn S. Cabahug – Collections Account Agent

chrislyn-cabahug-profileMy life story is the exact opposite of my favorite television series. I grew up in a broken family. To begin with, I used to live with my mother who did everything she could to take care of me. However when I was in grade school, my grandmother took me as she believed that she could give me a better life.

I lived in a bungalow house, owned by my grandma, together with my 2 brothers, aunt, uncles, 3 cousins, my father and step-mother.

My story has always been difficult, so I avoid sharing my life with other people every time the topic of family arises. Honestly, I do not really know much about my father, but every time I visit my mum, she would tell me stories about how my dad had mistresses when they were still together until they broke up eventually married my step mother.

Living with my father’s side of the family was not easy because I always longed to be with my mum. When I was in third grade, my mother took ill and eventually passed away. It was hard losing my mother at such a young age, but I gathered all my courage and became determined in life.

chrislyn-cabahug-hikingI graduated with a degree in Information System. Fortunately, the company where I interned hire me as an SEO specialist. I worked hard to sustain our daily needs and pay our bills. There were times when we got our electricity and water supply disconnected because we couldn’t pay our monthly dues.

Life continued to be tough on me. Sometimes when I’m exhausted, I pause for a while and ask myself “why is this happening to me?” I wanted to get more out of life. I want to achieve something more and to prove to myself and to others that I am not a failure.

My inspiration came when I met my partner. He made me realise that life is beautiful and that the world is still full of surprises. He made me realise that life is not just about survival.

One random day, I found my diary hidden in our very old closet. It was a diary from when I was young. I read what my younger self had written and realised that I used to have a lot of goals and dreams, but somehow I had forgotten them because of the many misfortunes that I had to go through.

My diary renewed my motivation to pursue my dreams. At the moment, I have already purchased a lot where I will build my future dream house. It’s not much but it is a product of my hard work.

Little by little, with determination, perseverance, belief and faith in myself, I know that every step forward I make, brings me closer to the finish line.

I will forever be grateful to all the trials and challenges that came my way because it shaped me and helped me become a better version of myself.

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