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Aiza Jane E. Bacor

Aiza Jane Bacor - Customer Service and Administration My Name is Aiza Jane Bacor, called by my friends as Ice. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Financial and Management Accounting. I lost my mother when I was in college and that forced me to become a working student to sustain my daily needs. I persevered to finish my [...]


Samantha Jane Salentes

Samantha Jane Salentes - Customer Service Hi, my name is Samantha Jane! I’m a fun loving, free spirited, and carefree soul. I love travelling on the different islands of my country the Philippines. I also indulge in good food and always find the time to document my adventures if I had the chance. All this I’ve been able to [...]


Peter Raymund Loy Capili

Peter Raymund Loy Capili - CSR/TSR, Marketing Greetings! My name is Peter and I`ve been working online for more than 12 years now. I started way back in 2008 as a paid product reviewer of products/services offered online. It was like doing a blog review of a certain product and using some keywords given by the company. I ventured [...]


Joshua Toledo

Joshua Toledo - Accountant and Consultant I am a practising accountant for five years now and have been exposed to Australian taxation and accounting practices for two years where I’ve performed Bookkeeping, ITR, PTR, TTR, CTR (little) and management reporting. I’ve used Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Microsoft products such as excel, word, outlook, etc. I am a dreamer, and [...]


Mitzi Andrea Gutierrez

Mitzi Andrea Gutierrez - Social Media Moderator Hi, I'm Mitzi! I am a 3rd year college student, currently taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics and I'm an Academic Scholar. I graduated Senior High School with Honours at the Philippine Christian University under the Humanities and Social Science program. I worked as a Transcriptionist last March in [...]


Maria Janae Patrice M. Briones

Maria Janae Patrice Briones - Human Resources and Marketing My name is Maria Janae Patrice Briones, my friends call me Janae. I took up a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, and was an active staff member of the Student Council until I decided to work for a BPO company in my last year. The company I worked with for a [...]


Blaise Armand Ethy Ethy

Blaise Armand Ethy Ethy - Multilingual CSR and Sales Rep I am from Cemeroom, a French colony in central Africa, elder of a family of 7. My brothers and sister lives in the US, France and Cameroon while I choose to live in the Philippines. I graduated in High school many years ago. I worked as a Chef after [...]


Kenneth B. Lamanilao

Kenneth Lamanilao - CSR and Junior Admin Hi, I'm Ken! As professionals say, the real challenge of a student is not in school but in the real world outside of school. I graduated in the University of Mindanao Tagum in April 2012. I took up Business Administration Major in Management Accounting. After I graduated, I immediately looked for a [...]


Patrick Abrio

Patrick Abrio - CSR/TSR, Resolution Specialist Hi, my name is Patrick. I was born in Pasay City but raised in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. My father left us for another family when I was 12. I had to be transferred from a private school to a public school just to make ends meet. I took up Mass Communications in [...]


Mark Lester Aguilon Filemon

Mark Lester Aguilon Filemon - CSR/TSR, IT Assistant Hi there, I'm Mark Lester Filemon, you may call me Lester or Mark, either one is fine with me. I am the eldest in the family and have been married for three years now with my college girlfriend. I wish to work at home since I love working in a relaxing [...]