Daisy G. Baltar – Accounting and Administrative Assistant

daisy-baltar-profile“Every life story is unique and beautiful… but mine is my favorite.”

Hi there – I am Daisy Baltar.

I am single and a hard working person who is diligent and puts effort into doing and completing my tasks. Being a hard worker, I value people who are trustworthy. Earning trust by others is one of the things you must strive for in life to achieve your greatest success.

I finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Airline Management and Accountancy. My first job was contract based work in a private lending company who caters to pensioners, allowing them to borrow money from us. My designation was as a Processing Clerk. As a processing clerk I am the one who handled and checked all the requirements of the client’s to see if they were qualified to loan and to re-loan money. I also assisted the Operations Manager concerning the approved amount of funds were obtained to lend to the borrowers. I am the one who encoded and monitored the borrower’s account. I was also the one who evaluated if they can renew again.

daisy-baltar-vacationThis first job allowed me to be more industrious in life. At that time, my mother was one of those thousands of pensioners borrowing money from that lending company. I saw first-hand how hard it was for them (pensioners) to pay debts because instead of enjoying their pension – using it for travelling or eating good and healthy food with their family – it was actually the opposite. This is the sad reality.

I experienced more jobs after I finished my contract with that first job. I also became a Marketing Assistant/Account Executive in one of the computer sales and services organisations in our town. I worked as a Customer Service Assistant; assisting the customers with their needs. I made quotations for product inquiries, and I also handled the consumer’s account.

I am the kind of person who is willing to learn. This soft skill is important because jobs are changing and evolving constantly now, and we should be open to learning and growing with that change. It does not matter what our age is and how much experience we have, what really matters is that we are willing to learn as well as understand new techniques and skills.

My longest period of work experience was for 11 years in a State University in my town where I assigned in different departments. These areas made me gain more knowledge as I loved the environment and I had a variety of duties and skills to perform. I performed all administrative tasks including answering emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements, and my designations were as follows:

• Accounting Clerk
• Office Secretary / Office Clerk
• Training Assistant
• Data Encoder
• Virtual Assistant

I’ve also worked abroad in 3 different countries – with my most recent job in Japan. I worked in a Car Parts Factory as Quality Line Final Inspector. I was assigned to inspect, test, and measure materials like Grille assy of Subaru, Toyota Engine cover and Nissan Engine cover. I reported on inspections and test data.

All my jobs were all finished contracts. I did not quit nor resign. My Japan contract just finished in May 2019 and what keeps me busy now is online sales of my own jewelry products. I have so many memories of Japan, where I met my special someone who inspires me to live life to the fullest.

For a copy of Daisy’s resume please click here.