Darielle Francis Campos – Administration, Bookkeeping and Social Media

darielle-francis-campos-workHello! I am Darielle Francis Campos. I prefer to be called as ‘Darci.’ I am from Cavite, Philippines.

I graduated in 2013 with a degree in AB Communication Arts. Unlike any other graduates, I didn’t see myself as someone who would be caged in a corporate environment. I envisioned myself as someone who would be freely managing my time as I do the things that I love – that is why a Freelance Career is suited for me.

To begin with, I am already skilled in Graphic Design, Video Editing and Writing, but I decided to sharpen my saw so that I will be more ready and receptive to handle my future clients. I enrolled in classes like Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Appointment Setting and eCommerce. Nevertheless, I still have many things to learn and improve, but my clients would really commend me for my professionalism and attention to details. Although, I also had my fair share of work in an insurance brokerage firm in Makati city

Moreover, I am also about to embark on a new journey – my road to masters in Marketing. Since this is what I have been doing for the last 4 years, why not be extremely good at it, right? Anyway, it will be me and my clients who darielle-francis-campos-profilewill benefit from the cause. I am a little nervous because I don’t know if I will be able to do it with so much on my plate, but I think it’s time to make my plate bigger or get a new plate for more opportunities! I am still young, and I believe that I should strike while the iron is hot.

During my free time, I travel, go shopping and bake. These are the things that I do so that I can unwind from stress, except for the baking part, for I actually make money out of it. Nevertheless, I feel joy whenever I bake because I get to eat delectable treats together with my family, especially my son. I love it whenever I see their smiles and their tummies that get full because of my effort in preparing healthy meals for them. If I have extra and if a person is also very special to our family, we extend our efforts in baking by preparing a special cake for them.

I do these things because of my deepest ‘why’ – my family. In December 2013, I was also married to my best friend. We are both dreaming and aiming to build our own empire. We are both business-minded. He is in the insurance industry. In October 2014, we had our first-born son. We want the best for our family that is why we persevere to work hard and smart. My parents didn’t transfer any of their wealth to me, but they made sure that I am fully equipped to stand on my own, and I will be forever grateful to them for that.

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