David John P. Bawe – Bookkeeper

david-bawe-swimmingHi there, my name is David John, or you can call me DJ.

I am just a simple guy from a small city in the Philippines. People who are close to me are used to calling me “kingkoy”, a Filipino term for being funny – because people would just usually see me happy and smiling all the time. But of course, we all have our own story.

I grew up in a family where our source of income was just enough for our daily needs. By not getting the things I wanted while growing up, I was then more motivated to get my family out of poverty.

I pursued a Marine Engineering course, popularly known as becoming a “seaman”, and successfully graduated back in 2015. As a typical guy here in the Philippines, it was instilled in our minds that there’s money in becoming a seaman. Maybe they’re right, but I was so overwhelmed with that belief that I didn’t prepare myself with enough financial support for me to go to Manila where the shipping companies are located. And of course, being in Manila is a must if I wanted to pursue my career. I tried – I even begged to stay in a house of people who I didn’t know just to stay in the city. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and I ended up going back to my hometown, empty handed and achieving nothing. With these experiences, I began to doubt myself. My confidence wavered and I saw myself as a failure.

But just when you’re about to quit, God knows when and where you desperately need Him. He sent me people to motivate and believe in me… my family and my special someone. 🙂

My special someone (who works as an online bookkeeper) patiently taught me how to use different accounting software used in bookkeeping, including MYOB and Xero. Every day, she would let me observe her and assist her with her work. My skills grew and my confidence returned.

Currently, I am working as a part-time assistant bookkeeper for my special someone, as well as my sister who is also a bookkeeper. They say, ‘experience is the best teacher’ and yes, I am claiming that because that is what I have and that is what will help me achieve something in life. But above all, I have realised that life goes on and we were not meant to be ‘stuck’. We are always destined to rise up and improve ourselves.

Again, this is DJ… signing off as a Marine Engineer and currently pursuing a career as an online bookkeeper, data entry worker and/or a virtual assistant.

For a copy of David’s resume please click here.