Debbie Corlet – Executive Assistant

debbie-corlet-profileHi – I’m Debs, a Crazy Animal Lover! 🙂

As a Remote Executive Assistant, I specialise in helping individuals and businesses (small and large) with executive assistance, secretarial and administrative tasks. Through my service mindset, and by focusing on the detail and “putting out fires”, I give CEOs and Executives the confidence to concentrate on strategic management of their businesses. And I’m passionate about it.

After working for nearly 35 years in this area, I have demonstrated experience and acumen in all areas of administration, PA and EA working in industries like manufacturing, engineering, maritime and agriculture. My people skills, initiative and autonomy (and calm manner) have been successfully called on, as well, to support – and play gatekeeper to – a diverse array of positions including CEOs, Managing Directors, franchise owners, HR businesses, mediation and counsellors, Myotherapists, landscapers to name just a few.

For example, I have been working with a client for the past five years who is a Strategist who helps position organisations to successfully tame the complex social, environmental and economic issues they face. This has required me to travel with him across NSW, as a committee secretary, working on some of the most complex and contentious issues businesses face, including energy and mining, wind farms and waste management. These situations require me to have sound judgment and decorum, be highly adaptable, accurate, discrete and confident to ask questions in order to clarify.

I have two crazy miniature schnauzers, Oscar and Gracie, who rule the household and I would love to own some alpacas one day. They are beautiful creatures. Actually, I’d also love to have some sloths. Our family love to sit and watch funny animals on YouTube – could be cats, dogs – anything really. Should I mention, that I have 2 teenage children (one of each) and a loving husband but yes, the dogs give me all my attention I require these days.

My first job was working at McDonald’s – I started on the day I turned 15 and worked there for 2 years. I loved it – I worked hard and got lots of awards for most money at the counter, employee of the month etc. No idea if anything like this happens now – this was in the 80’s but I remember my sister applied just after I left to start my full-time job as a receptionist at an agriculture company (yes, we were on a property in Sydney and my dad used to laugh and ask if I just walked around the paddocks all day counting the animals and playing with them… I can only remember sheep now that I think about it though) but the person who interviewed my sister said if you are Deb’s sister – you don’t need to have an interview; you have the job. I worked hard (not sure my sister did haha). I still remember a few sayings they had back then “a customer is always right” and “if you have time to lean – you have time to clean”. It taught me so much about working hard and customer service. It was an amazing place to work. I do hope it is still the same now!

I’ve always had a very strong work ethic and to be honest I’d rather work really long hours assisting an Executive or CEO rather than spending my days cleaning up after my messy family!

Are you my next Executive?

For a copy of Debbie’s resume please click here.