Francis Daniel Villanueva – Quantity Surveyor

francis-daniel-villanueva-officeGood day!

I’m Francis Daniel P. Villanueva, a graduate of Civil Engineering in the Philippines. I am currently practicing Quantity Surveying and have been for almost 2 years now. I am skilled in Personal services for quantity surveying in civil, structural, and architectural (CSA) pre-contract and post contract works. My responsibilities include, but are not limited to, cost planning, cost estimates, preparation of tender docs (i.e bills of quantities), conducting pre-bid meetings, tender evaluation, awarding, and evaluation of interim payments.

In this time of practicing QS, I have been exposed to different kinds of challenges as I was able to handle a hundred thousand to a hundred million worth of projects. I also perform estimates, quantity take-off, preparation of bills of quantities part time.

Before I became a quantity surveyor, I was a project supervisor in a geotechnical consultant company where I lead 5 to 10 people doing soil investigations and soil testings. During that time, I was in search of more learnings, growth and development for I have a career progression I wish to achieve in 5 years time.

Being a quantity surveyor is quite challenging for me as there aren’t any quality surveying courses or trainings available here in the Philippines. However, there are some institutes and organisations available which can help provide proper training for this.

One of these is the Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS) of which I am now a member. Membership is ranked into five categories;

  1. Probationary
  2. Technical
  3. Associate
  4. Corporate
  5. Fellow Membership upgrade – which has requirements and one of these is the training provided by the organisation. Trainings in becoming a certified quantity surveyor are necessary for this career path. The PICQS has established a training and development program for this.

francis-daniel-villanueva-workingThe components of this program are:

  1. PICQS Think Tank Training (P3T)
  2. PICQS APC Program 1 (PAP 1)
  3. Guidance and Mentoring Program (GaMP)
  4. 1 Submission of Assesment of Professional Competence (APC) and Write-ups for PICQS Mentor Checking
  5. PICQS APC Program 2 (PAP 2)
  6. Assesment for Professional Competence (APC)
  7. Certified Quantity Surveyor / Chartered Surveyor

Challenging it may be, but these are necessary for my chosen career path. Driven by self motivation, perseverance and the right attitude I know I can be a certified quantity surveyor.

For a copy of Francis’s resume please click here.