Grace Phillips – Marketing Specialist and Business Manager

grace-phillips-vaHey there I’m Grace!

I’m a highly experienced personal assistant with more than five years of executive experience under my belt. As a start-up business owner myself, I understand the value of building the right team to carry out your vision. As your assistant I will be devoted to making that vision come to life, by taking on the many important tasks that need to be done, so that you can invest your time where it will mean the most for your business and personal life!

I am confident and energetic, and fall in love with places, movies, and ideas very quickly! On any given day I can be spotted drinking a huge cup of coffee at a local café, rummaging through a thrift store (the dingier the better), or on my bed watching DIY YouTube videos.

Entrepreneurship is in my DNA and I have been raised by some of the most business-savvy women I know. I grew up in my great-grandparent’s compound in Samoa and spent my time as a little girl playing hide and seek in the bustling factories, and trying to steal a biscuit or two from the oven in the bakery. My mother is also a self-made business woman, and it was from her that I learnt the intricacies of owning a business and the incredible amount of work and grace-phillips-outdoorsattention to detail it requires to keep one running successfully. Working by her side taught me things that people spend their whole careers figuring out, and I got the opportunity to be a part of every aspect of her business (from mopping floors to fulfilling purchase orders for the New Zealand Prime Minister).

After graduating high school as Valedictorian, I attended Samoa’s National University where upon graduation I was awarded a scholarship abroad. I had a childhood dream of becoming a Christian missionary so I made the difficult decision to give up the scholarship and move to the United States to attend a leadership training school. This is where I met my amazing husband, which changed the course of my life (as it usually does). Funnily enough, being in a long distance relationship taught me more about scheduling and time management than working as an assistant did! After we got married we moved straight to the Gold Coast together and have loved every moment since.

I absolutely love behind the scenes work, and enjoy seeing the outcome of what I do make an immediate difference in someone’s life (whether that is a customer, peer, or employer). I have a lot of experience in both general administration and marketing (with a focus on social media marketing) and am not afraid to help with any task that needs completing. I enjoy a challenge!

For a copy of Grace’s resume please click here.