Harry S. Rodwell, Jr. – Mechanical Engineer

harry-rodwell-formalHey mate! My name is Harry Rodwell and it’s indeed a privilege to meet you and soon work with you!

Meticulous, Industrious, Curious, Innovative and Efficient – it’s who I am naturally and someone you can certainly rely on. I am a licensed Mechanical Engineer in the Philippines, skilled in leadership and communication with a can-do attitude. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering which I am about to finish soon. Furthermore, I am seeking a challenging and a next step career opportunity in an organisation of repute which recognises and utilises my potential and skills for personal development and career growth as a professional.

I developed my skillsets and attitude way back when I was a student. I always wanted to strive for more improvement everyday not only in my academics, but also in life personally. I believe that academics alone do not define skills and abilities. I started working and focusing on outcome-based education which has really made me into a hands-on individual. Motivation and happiness are essential on a personal level for me. I always find ways to stay motivated all the time and that’s why I can never leave out happiness in my life and that’s why it’s always important to have a work-life balanced career.

harry-rodwell-sportThrough the years of my academic engineering background as a student and a part-time instructor, I have become familiar with HVAC design, refrigeration design, power plant design, automotive maintenance, welding, machine shop and even instrumentation and control in the Philippine setting. These design proposals include project financial analysis involving cost estimations such as bill of materials and labour costs, and design layouts and drawings with necessary calculations.

After I obtained my license, I enjoyed research and development in engineering that has always made me a curious and critical-thinker. Finally, I decided to expand my knowledge and background in Engineering by taking up my master’s degree to maximise my potential and to fully appreciate the importance of my field. As I progressed, I learned that it isn’t as easy as it sounds and it is really quite challenging but I continued to preserve and to stay positive and motivated. In addition, I have developed interests in electrical wiring and took a short course on Electrical Installation and Maintenance which had gave me very valuable knowledge on the understanding of electricity, electrical wiring, layouts, installation procedures and especially safety.

While I’ve been studying my master’s degree, I have been elected twice for a leadership role for the student body. First, I was elected public relations officer – which involves interpersonal and intrapersonal communication with professors, colleagues and students in disseminating information and partially planning events, seminars and meetings for a year. Then the following year, I was elected as President of the organisation which was the most challenging leadership role I had ever had myself. My role as a leader representing the organisation with all endeavours, overseeing the functions of my fellow officers in the organisation, to addressing student concerns, to arranging events, to calling meetings and to discussing and resolving any issue that affects my administration to the university and organisation.

As I progressed as a student and as a professional, I have become familiar with software and applications related to my field. I am proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) including MS Visio. Similarly, I am also familiar with Google web applications (Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides). I have experience with design software such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Sketch-up and Solidworks. I have also learned to use Arduino, LaTex, Matlab, and Codeblocks which are widely used in Engineering. Lastly, I have experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom which is something I do during my free time.

I am an enthusiastic and encouraging team player with experience in technical and academic writing and being an Executive Assistant for an engineering support company. My 2 years of experience in academic teaching in Mechanical Engineering has moulded me to be very self-organised, results-oriented, adaptable to change and has also made me efficient in time management. In addition, with a year of experience in Technical Support enhanced my abilities in process-oriented aspects, interpersonal and communication skills. I always aim for success and dedication and motivate not only myself but also others to effectively succeed.

I hope to work with you soon, not only to be of service but to learn and gain relevant experience in the field and to take a step forward in my career as a professional. I trust I have convinced you that I have the qualities, abilities and commitment to be reliable and make me an excellent employee. I hope you consider me. Thank you for taking the time to read about who and what I am about. Cheers!

For a copy of Harry’s resume please click here.