Isaac Wanjiku – Web Design and Project Management

Isaac Wanjiku PortraitHi – my name is Isaac 🙂

My career as an online professional began in 2013 as a freshman in university. I was an only child raised by my grandmother and she had struggled to get me through school. Her dream of having the first generation of children going to the university had finally come true! The job first began as a way to earn money – as there were needs in school. I needed transport money to catch the bus across the campus as my hostel and class were thirty minutes apart! I also needed to go out on the occasional date and to look like I was getting dressed by anyone but my grandma!

My first job was in academic writing and it was not easy. My friend who started alongside me did not have the mettle to keep going, but I had found a passion in online work that he didn’t have. So I stayed and learned. Six years down the line, I have since gained skills in creative and professional writing, SQL coding, web design, project development and management as well as planning and effective time management. From my previous engagements in other work websites, I have become the top content creator.

Today, I’m here to make life easier and better for you! Six years’ experience in the online work environment has given me the ability to listen and easily determine customer needs, provide quick and timely solutions and present those solutions in a top quality format. My results can be adjusted to cater for, and be presented at a family gathering, a board meeting or a classroom setting.

Hiring me is gaining a versatile, steady and absolutely useful resource for your team. I look forward to working with you.

For a copy of Isaac’s resume please click here.