James Isaac Exequiel – Customer Service and Business Development Officer

james-exequiel-workHi! My name is James Isaac C. Exequiel. My name sounds biblical but I am not. When I was young, people often thought that I would become a priest because of my conservative clothing and priestly demeanor. I also served and led a lot of religious organisations for thirteen years. I was offered a scholarship by our Bishop. But I realised that it wasn’t my true calling.

I completed my business degree and had experience as a working student in my last year in college. This experience nailed quite a lot of discipline into my head, forcing me to practice a lot of time management techniques, and taught me how to set my priorities straight.

I spent most of my professional life in the customer service industry. One of my accomplishments in my first job was being the best in Net Promoter Score for four months straight. I became an assistant team lead and experienced handling my team in the absence of our Team Lead. I was assigned a lot of administrative tasks like controlling and approving leave and break requests, which greatly boosted our productivity. In the absence of our team lead I’d take his place, make sure everything is running smoothly and my teammate’s issues whether medical, personal or technical are taken care of. There were even a few times I did coaching sessions with some colleagues – all of this done, while still maintaining excellent call quality, and consistently meeting customer satisfaction threshold. I even had the most number of customer commendations in the floor for three months straight.

Outside the call center industry, I worked in a car company as a Customer Experience Officer. My main task was to devise customer experience initiatives for the car dealerships we owned. Every month I’d attend our ManCom meetings and deliver each car dealership’s customer concerns and the status of their respective resolutions. One of my best projects was authoring the Facilities Standards and Facilities Scorecard for our dealerships.

I worked in business development for an architectural firm and secured at least 100 million pesos worth of projects in the private and public sector in less than 1 james-exequiel-candidyear.

In my free time, I read books written by Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Greene. I also dream of becoming a writer. My current project is recreating a play I wrote when I was in college about Violence Against Women and Children. I love watching YouTube videos on science, economics, history, and cooking. I also make it a point to read at least 3 news articles – local and international – every day.

I’m also a public speaker. I trained with Toastmasters International. I’ve written and delivered more than 50 speeches since 2014. I served as club President and Area Director and received the highest citations during my term.

Regardless of how busy or results oriented I am, I see to it that I’m still able to have fun with my colleagues. I will never hesitate to lend a listening ear, a helping hand or give sage advice whenever you need it whether for professional or personal matters.

For a copy of James’ resume please click here.