Jezreel Aguirre – Customer Service Specialist

jezreel-aguirre-hermosa-vaHello! My name is Jezreel Aguirre-Hermosa. You can call me Jez.

I am a mother of two wonderful kids, happily married and now a stay at home mum.

I am an experienced Customer Representative, who worked in a BPO company for more than 4 years. I must say, customer service became my forte. I have discovered the skills I never knew I had in me. As an extrovert, building rapport with anyone around me, even with my customers over the phone has always been easy. Helping my customers never felt like a job because I loved what I was doing. I became technical support, email and chat support and also conversed with customers over the phone.

I’ve worked for a telecom, photo editing website, and money remittance company. I have encountered all kinds of customers over the phone and through email.

I stayed with an office-based job until I had my second child. Then things changed, I found a passion for motherhood. I wanted to work from home so I won’t have to be away from my kids. This will keep me at ease knowing that I can closely monitor them.

jezreel-aguirre-hermosa-bondingI am new to the world of Virtual Assistance but I am eager to learn so I can be better. Training me would be trouble-free because I am a fast learner. I believe the skills I have learned from my Customer Service experience will help me in this new field.

I am self-motivated, detail-oriented and I like things to be always be organised. Whether it be in my personal life or work, I approach challenges head-on with a positive attitude. I work hard and value every minute of the day.

I am not an all work and no play person. I can be fun and creative too…

Aside from work, cooking has always been my ‘thing’. I have always been passionate about cooking for my loved ones. Cooking is my therapy. I find a certain thrill in cooking because it takes a lot of hard work to achieve a certain taste – one that satisfies your soul. And for me, every dish is a challenge to make other people happy.

I am excited to start my journey in this new line of work.

I always rely on the verse Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” This keeps me going.

For a copy of Jezreel’s resume please click here.