Jhedy Encomienda – Customer Service Representative

jhedy-encomienda-profile“Expressing myself rather than impressing who I am.” This is one of the principles that I live by. Being talent-less, clumsy, and too independent makes me perfectly imperfect. I learned to view the other angles of life from different perspectives.

Though I’m not talented, I could say that being skillful is my asset. I can catch up with other applicants with more experiences rather than me. Communication skills is one of my best. I was a journalist when in High School and in College as well. I know when to talk as a speaker and when to stop as a listener.

I’ve been working in the BPO industry for a year, and being a performer in my entire career in my previous job was proof enough that skills can bring you to greater heights. I really do my best and I have the initiative to take the lead if our team manager was not around. Since college, I was trained to be a leader who knows when to be an example, to initiate, and to cooperate with my subordinates.

Being clumsy makes my work messy or incompetent. Everyone has flaws. Perhaps, I have learned to be organised in my own way. Having a schedule and being strict with my time makes sure my tasks are completed successfully. It improves my way of weighing things up. I’m always determined to hit my goal and that built me to be confident and to be competitive in my own way.

jhedy-encomienda-outdoorsWhen I decided to reside here in Manila with my grandparents rather than in our province, I started to be independent which resulted in me becoming a reliable person. Simple things taught me to be independent such as washing my own clothes, cooking, and doing household chores. In my previous job, I always exerted effort to go the extra mile.

I know that those skills will not be enough without good personality. I’m proud to say that I am Jehovah’s Witnesses and it is my foundation to show my integrity all the time. We all know we’re not perfect but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do more right things than the wrong one. That will be my asset – having integrity.

By the way, before this bio will end, I’m Jhedy, your future best partner and looking forward to our best collaboration.

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