Joy Lazaro-Belza – ESL Teacher

joy-lazaro-belza-profileOw ya goin mate! It’s Joy here. Yes, a three-letter-word name, a name so easy to remember even when you feel sad and frustrated because of work deadlines! I am very much interested in helping you, in ways that could benefit you, or your company maybe.

I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees. First in Hotel and Restaurant Management and then a degree in Secondary Education. I also have a postgraduate degree in Masters in Science in Educational Management. I have been teaching private school for the last decade and have been teaching online too, as an ESL teacher for three years now catering to Korean and Chinese learners. I am a newbie though in this field, but I am very willing to learn as I am a fast learner who adapts easily to any situation and condition.

I can provide assistance to any of the following:

  • Answering customer inquiries/chats
  • Sending / handling e-mails
  • Transcribing
  • Data entry

joy-lazaro-belza-workBy the way, I can learn more!

I have been frustrated at work and succeeded by trying to get the solution in solving each problem (I have loads of these in my online ESL Company). I have handled angry mums, children with tantrums, tyrant bosses, power tripper superiors and the like. Name it; I’ve probably dealt with it already.

I am a wife to an OFW husband working in KSA and mother to two beautiful kids, who are the reasons why I’m working so hard with all my heart. Neither am I a perfect worker nor a perfect mum, I have highs and lows too, but I always make sure to be professional.

I am a Christian believer – that’s why in everything I do I make sure to glorify God with my works. I am not using God here, or trying to sound spiritual or something, I am just saying that if you are too, then I’d be very happy to meet a brother/sister in Christ in another country.

I believe that all things have a purpose. We may or may not understand what the purpose is of a situation as of the moment, but I will make sure to let you know that my sole purpose here is to be of help for you!

Nice to meet you!

For a copy of Joy’s resume please click here.