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Vicente V. Ardenio Jr.

Vicente Ardenio Jr - CSR, ESL Teacher, Sales Agent Hi! my name is Vicente V. Ardenio Jr. I live in Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines. My nickname is Bam. When I was young I saw how difficult life is for us because I came from a poor family. My parents are small farmers. They worked so hard to provide for [...]


Edelyn M. Nabua

Edelyn Nabua - CSR, ESL Teacher Hi, my name is Edelyn but you can call me Lyn. At an early age, I encountered so many obstacles already. I was 3 years old when my mum left us and it was my father who took care of my siblings and I. I had witnessed all the sacrifices of my father. [...]


Diane Beatrix Acebuche Nadal

Diane Beatrix Acebuche Nadal - Online Teacher Welcome to my profile! I am Diane Beatrix A. Nadal, married with 2 kids, and this is my story. I spent most of my elementary to high school attending a public school. This is where I honed my social skills and prepared for what lies ahead of me. I graduated from the [...]


Anna Marie Moncera

Anna Marie Moncera - CSR and ESL Tutor Hi! My name is Anna Marie Moncera. You can call me Anna or Anne. I am 31 years old. Working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for more than 6 years providing customer service to companies in the USA and UK enhanced my English communication skills. During my corporate years, I [...]

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