Yllana Ellevera – Bookkeeper, Digital Marketing

yllana-ellevera-vaI consider myself blessed being a lone child in a family of four. This has translated to me being self-sufficient in most of life scenarios since I didn’t grow up alongside lots of kids my age.

I have accomplished a Diploma in Accountancy but I’ve become interested in other fields after I got my degree. Since I have a knack for the arts, I’d always find ways to challenge and develop my creative skills. I especially love painting. I enroll myself in skills enhancement activities whenever I can.

My first job role was being a Treasury Assistant under the Finance Department at a renowned hospital in the city I’m currently residing. This was where I realized that empathy in customer service is one big trait that should be nurtured, and at the same time, stretched to all forms of people I used to encounter, be it rank-and-file colleagues, suppliers and patients alike.

I would say my love for literature back in school days helped me get through any conversational or business English fluently. This also paved way for me to explore my chances in experiencing life as an ESL Teacher for Chinese and Japanese students.

yllana-ellevera-vaAlso, I would recall providing solutions real-time. This worked around voice and non-voice customer service support and account assistance to fulfill clients’ issues and requests. Getting roasted in tough circumstances where patience could get thin is no joke at all so I’ve learned to prove my point in respectful terms.

I strive to work well under pressure-tight deadlines. Becoming a Virtual Business Operator for an Australian client gave me the opportunity to take care of their admin tasks like cleaning the central email and functioning as a workforce in charge while completing other daily tasks and on point as they come.

Recently, I got a ticket into Digital Marketing, working with brands needing membership portal assistance for maintenance and creating content for the Learning Management System as one of the projects I signed up for and with admin assistance time to time.

Throughout my journey being an VA, I gained the vision to look for opportunities that would continuously upgrade oneself like regular trainings designed to help us grow our client’s projects. As a self-directed learner who’s constantly challenged to do more, I have become familiar with tools which can come handy when needed. The list goes on in the quest for self-branding as a VA Rockstar!

For a copy of Yllana’s resume please click here.