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Marie Gean Talde Culler

Marie Gean Talde Culler - Accounting Administration Hi! My name is Marie Gean Culler, Filipina, from Cavite, Philippines. I’m a proud fur mom of 8 dogs, named Tatum, Taylor, Kobe (Belgian Malinois), Toffie (Beagle) B1, B2, Jaclerd (mixed breed) and Travis (Siberian Husky). They take my stress away and make me happy everyday. I’m not a sociable person. I [...]


Ryan Flores Villareal

Ryan Flores Villareal - Customer Support Representative Hi! I'm Ryan Flores Villareal, Rhye for short. I have 2 siblings, the eldest is working at a BPO company in Manila, while our youngest brother is still studying. I started working at an early age. I was a service crew of McDonalds PH in our city. It was indeed a nice [...]


Ma. Kristine Lou F. Sayson

Ma. Kristine Lou Sayson - Administrative Assistant Hello! My name is Ma. Kristine Lou F. Sayson, but you can call me Chiqui. I live in the Visayas region of the Philippines, particularly in the city of smiles, Bacolod City. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. After graduation, I immediately took the board exams and luckily passed it [...]


Gerson Kenaz B. Medel

Gerson Kenaz Medel - Web Developer Hi, I'm Gerson Kenaz Medel and I'm a self-taught web developer. I grew up having a comfortable childhood where everything that I needed and wanted was provided for me by my loving parents. I was sheltered and pampered but I could say I wasn't spoiled. I'm grateful for what my parents did for [...]


Angie Lou L. Naranjo

Angie Lou Naranjo - Accounts Payable Supervisor I'm Angie Lou L. Naranjo from Philippines. You can call me "Angie". My mother worked as a meter reader for Manila Water, while my dad stayed at home due to his sickness. He took care of me and my siblings while my mum went to work. I was a good student and [...]


John Dave Solitario

John Dave Solitario - Social Media, Logo and Graphic Design I graduated from the University of Pangasinan with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. During my college days, I had friends who are into graphic design and I was amazed with the craft. I tried doing graphics as a hobby and later on was able to make a small [...]


Ledropherey R. Manriquez

Ledropherey Manriquez - Administrative Assistant My name is Led. I was raised in the slums by parents unconsciously promoting independence. My father was a drunkard, was always grumpy and never tried to give us a better future. My mother was loving and caring, however, she was always busy trying to make ends meet and take care of the house [...]


Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo

Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo - Administrative Assistant Hello, I am Marie Flor Adviento-Raymundo. I grew up in Baguio City. I became independent when my parents separated. I worked as a Student Assistant at University of Baguio, where I studied Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Engineering. I used my salary to pay my tuition fees. I worked at the University’s [...]


Floreen Ortega, CB, RCA

Floreen Ortega, CB, RCA - Certified Bookkeeper and Registered Cost Accountant I believe that dreams do come true as long as we strive hard for it and don’t give up. There are times that we do stumble and fall but don’t let obstacles hinder you from reaching your goals. Hi - I am Floreen Ortega and my story goes [...]