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Anjelaine Fritzie Catada

Anjelaine Fritzie Catada - CSR, Administration Hi! My name is Anjelaine Fritzie but you can call me Anje for short. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. I was a consistent honour student awardee and Dean's Lister Awardee. I am one of the few students in our University as well who was able [...]


Arlo Dean M. Villasin

Arlo Dean Villasin - Customer Service Hi my name is Arlo Dean M. Villasin and you can call me Dean. I'm 24 years old. I studied psychology when I was in college. What made me choose psychology is my love of people. I love interacting and talking to people and I figured that it would be a great idea [...]


Maybelene C. Alvarez

Maybelene Alvarez - Property Manager, Office Administration Hello! I am Maybelene Alvarez, you can also call me Belle. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration major in Building and Property Management at University of Makati. Recently, I was laid-off by my employer, due to the health and safety risk of Covid-19, and even though I got a [...]


Joan Danae G. Ybanez

Joan Danae Ybañez - CSR, Administrative Assistance Hi Everyone! :) I am Joan Danae G. Ybañez (pardon me if I include my middle initial as this is how I acknowledge my mother’s maiden name), turning 38 years old in a couple of months. I am a mother of four, two biological daughters, and 2 stepchildren. I reside in Quezon [...]


Dannah Crizza Somera

Dannah Crizza Somera - Civil Engineer Hi everyone. I'm Dannah. I'm a licensed Civil Engineer as well as a LinkedIn Specialist, Virtual Assistant, and Social Media Manager. I help people grow their network through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. For Linkedin, I can help you send connection invites, accept connection requests, check your inbox, search leads, track leads, [...]


Edelyn M. Nabua

Edelyn Nabua - CSR, ESL Teacher Hi, my name is Edelyn but you can call me Lyn. At an early age, I encountered so many obstacles already. I was 3 years old when my mum left us and it was my father who took care of my siblings and I. I had witnessed all the sacrifices of my father. [...]


Claudess Frondoza Cabanacan

Claudess Frondoza Cabanacan - Teacher, Customer Support Hi, my name is Claudess Frondoza Cabanacan, and you can call me Claud. I would like to share my story. I’ve been working for almost 15 years and counting, and it has been a roller coaster ride. I am a teacher by profession. Right after I graduated from college I applied as [...]


Edwin S. Tabor

Edwin Tabor - AutoCAD Operator, Draftsman Hi! My name is Edwin Tabor. I was born in a small village from a remote Island in a province of Southern Leyte in the Philippines. My father is a fisherman and my mother is a market vendor. I am the eldest and only son. I have 3 sisters. Now, I am married [...]


John Vincent Dy

John Vincent Dy - CSR, Operations and Management Support My name is John Vincent Dy. I have been in the Customer Service Industry for 7 years. As a college student, I took fitter machinist hoping to step foot on a cargo ship, but the time I spent learning the course made me realise that blue-collar jobs are not for [...]

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