Philippe Joshua Evardo

Philippe Joshua Evardo - Administrative Officer I am a skilled Administrative Officer with more than three years of experience supporting operational and administrative functions. The majority of my work experience involves performing duties related to data entry and management, organising company records, invoicing and customer service. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I have a [...]


Ervie Mae Q. Vizcarra

Ervie Mae Vizcarra - CSR and Administration I’m Ervie Mae Q. Vizcarra, and everyone calls me ERV. I am a College Undergraduate, who took up Bachelor of Computer Technology wherein I was able to study back then at first because of a scholarship. However, political upheavals took place and unfortunately my scholarship ceased. So technically speaking, I am a [...]


Jaderick B. Rasmo

Jaderick B. Rasmo - Appointment Setter Hi my name is Jaderick Rasmo, you may call me Jade. I know it’s an awkward name for a man, but I don’t mind since that name came from a precious stone. I was born in Bacolod City but my parents got divorced when I was 5 months old and I grew up with [...]


Alyssia Valentin

Alyssia Valentin - Marketing Manager One of the beautiful aspects of life is that it can take us to unexpected places. It took me many years in corporate jobs that I could not find purpose in to realise that I had a desire to blaze my own path and create my own definition of “success.” Armed with everything I [...]


Manuel L. Lanuza, Jr.

Manuel L. Lanuza, Jr. - Real Estate and Technical Support Hi! I’m Manuel Lanuza but most people call me Noy. Life is a journey and on this journey the path is not always smooth as we move forward, we have to make stops and turns to get to where we are headed. Every journey is different but we have [...]


Edreen Bryan Valdeavilla

Edreen Bryan Valdeavilla - Social Media and E-Commerce Have you ever thought that LinkedIn would provide you a lot of opportunities for your personal brand? Most people are not taking advantage of this. That's why they are missing a lot of opportunities day-by-day. This would not work if you keep on pitching and chasing clients for your products and [...]


Emily Cote

Emily Cote - Social Media Specialist Hi! I’m Emily, your friendly Canadian Virtual Assistant. I am a multi-faceted VA with experience in many aspects of the field. I love all things Social Media so if you need help with anything at all, you can count on me! I am also a stickler for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I believe [...]


Raymund Aizpuru

Raymund Aizpuru - Recruitment Specialist My name is Raymund Aizpuru, 31 years old and I was born in Cubao Quezon City Philippines. My parents came from the Visayas region and every since I was young, we regularly practiced their local language which is Hiligaynon (another Visayan language particularly in Negros Occidental). I am now living in Bacolod since my [...]


Gizzle M. Saygo

Gizzle M. Saygo - Social Media and WordPress Manager Hey there! My name is Gizzle. I am 28 years of age from DavNor. My friends and family called my Sugar. I studied at the University of the Cordilleras in the course Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I chose this course because it is all about Human Development, so I [...]