Junard Escrupolo – Computer Instructor and IT Person

Junard at a Formal FunctionHi there! My name is Junard D. Escrupolo. You can call me ‘nard’ for short. I am 28 years old and from Tandag City, Philippines.

I am the eldest of my 3 siblings. My mother has owned a Tailoring business for almost 12 years and at the same time, she was a dressmaker. My father is a tricycle driver.

In my elementary school days, I was a shy person and an academic. I hated maths on during days because I didn’t understand the basics, but I liked English – especially spelling bees.

When my high school days arrived, my mother took me and my 3 siblings to a private school, but then I said to my mother, “I want to go to a public school because it’s free”, as I didn’t want her to have more expenses as it was expensive tuition in that private school. I’m a guy that does not want to spend more money on the things that are really not needed. I spend my money only on those things that are necessary. In my high school days, my siblings wanted things that they did not need. Sometimes my mother gave us some things and I gave my portion to my siblings. My mother and I were very close.

From my first year in high school, I had already discovered a passion for computer technology and I developed my skills in typing to as fast as 75WPM.

I like working in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). Then in my third year at high school, my classmate told me about courses that were related to the technologies that I was passionate about – the Math and Technology. So he introduced me to Computer Engineering, Computer programming, and Computer Science. So, to cut a long story short, I graduated from high school, and enrolled into studies in Computer Science.

Junard RelaxingI enrolled at Surigao del Sur State University, which later was Surigao Polytechnic State College. It was a year course but I stopped at 2nd year college because my mother became ill. My mother’s business was lagging because of her health problem. So I and my siblings stopped our studies and looked for jobs that would sustain the financial needs of our family. I started working on a gasoline station as a gasoline pump boy. I worked there for almost 6 months, when suddenly I received a chat message from my favorite instructor in the programming subject. In my heart, I had the desire to continue my studies in college so that I could graduate and financially support my family. I ignored my shyness, and approached my instructor, saying that I was willing to be a working student. Through working student experiences, I learned more about what is needed to manage our lives every day. My mother was so happy, because even though she could not pay for my college tuition, I had pursued it for my family.

Before I graduated from college, my house mate in a boarding house told me about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was blessed that he shared it with me, and that day was the first step of my journey with our Lord Jesus. Through God my life was changed – my shyness was converted into confidence, and I learned to manage myself and be a reliable person.

Because of my relationship with God, I graduated from college. God blessed me because He did not allow me to stay long with no work after I graduated. I got work from the company of Cantilan Bank, Inc. for the position of Bank Account Officer. Although this course was not in line with my passion for programming I learned a lot through admin works and marketing clients, teaching me to negotiate with other clients. I worked there for almost 5 years.

After that I worked in the Department of Education, teaching a subject related to Information Technology. I was so happy I could share my skills with my students but sadly I only worked for 1 year because my contract was stopped due to lack of documents. But I always have faith in the Lord that He will provide other doors in my life. Proverbs state, “If one door closes, then other doors will be opened.”

Thank you and God bless.

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