Marifer I. Litang – Sales Specialist

marifer-litang-vaHello, I am Marifer I. Litang – and my friends call me Mafe for short. I am 26 years old, single and happy.

I am the youngest and only girl in the family. I have two brothers and they’re twins. Being the only girl in the family is not as easy as one would assume. While you can have the things you want, everyone’s eyes are on you – practically every moment of the day! My parents were so protective of me when I was in high school… I even had to be home before 6pm. But the values that my parents taught me about how to have a successful life is what I always come back to – even today… and I am so grateful for them being so protective of me and I now choose to see the positive side of it. I want to see the beauty of life in every moment, and I have taught myself that no matter what the situation is, never step on other people’s lives and always remember that golden rule.

Like what I said above, I am single and happy, why? Because I have time to love myself, embrace my imperfections and pick up the pieces that has been broken in the past. I’ve been in a relationship before – we were together for 4 years but we broke up and haven’t spoken to each other as yet. Time will pass and I believe it will heal each other’s wounds.

What do I do now? I just resigned from my previous job because it was stressful and a toxic environment. Please don’t marifer-litang-vathink I cannot handle stress – of course I can – but you know when management is giving you too many assignments and doesn’t support you. Either way I knew that there was something wrong. And I am the kind of person that will step back if I know something isn’t right. For now, I am looking for job where I can stay long-term and has more flexible time-frames to manage and where I can use my administrative experience.

I have a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications but I haven’t done anything further on my degree yet – maybe after I finish my Masters degree. Yes, I am taking up my master’s degree right now and I have a class every Saturday… hopefully I can survive! Thank you for reading my story – hopefully you will find it interesting.

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