Sean Paul E. Nicolas

Sean Paul Nicolas - Administrative and Customer Service Specialist Hello, I am Sean Paul Nicolas. I am a strong believer that a correct attitude and commitment towards work is better than experience. I have been working for a BPO company as a Manager for the past 7 years and have decided to enter the virtual world to give more [...]


Marichu Ocampo

Marichu Ocampo - Sales, Marketing and Administration I am a professional Virtual Assistant working as a Graphic / Web Designer and handle two company websites. I have expertise in administrative and managerial skills. I handle several projects as a Data Analyst in one of the known companies worldwide. Prior to these experiences, I worked in United Arab Emirates for [...]


Anelia Sibal

Anelia Sibal - Customer Service Representative Hello! I’m Anelia. I grew up in a slum area with my father and three sisters. My mum is working as a domestic helper in KSA. When I was just 8 years old, I used to take out the neighbour's trash so that in return I would receive some cash. During my fourth [...]


Megan Erika Manzon-Golez

Megan Erika Manzon-Golez - Customer Support Representative I have worked in the BPO industry for about 10 years with experience as a Product Trainer and a Complaints Manager. I am a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and creative business support systems. I am committed to building a trusting relationship with my client, helping them delegate more [...]


Edgar Ryan Ignacio

Edgar Ryan Ignacio - Social Media Marketing Hello! I’m Edgar, an expert in Social Media Marketing. I was born in Central Mindanao, Philippines. Together with my sister, we were raised by our mother. She is a teacher by profession that is why we got free Primary and Secondary education. In my college days, I worked part-time in the office, [...]


Marijoy Ong Rosales

Marijoy Ong Rosales - Customer Service Specialist What’s in a name? Joie... * Derived from my real name Marijoy which means “merry” or “joy” * Named after the valedictorian in my sister’s graduating class * Pronounced as “joey”, a baby kangaroo; a modern unisex name My name would mostly sum up the kind of character you could expect from [...]


Kristine L. Gelacio

Kristine Gelacio - CSR and Administrative Assistance I’m Kristine L. Gelacio. I am a single mum of two of the most feisty and smart 7 year-old daughter and 4 year-old son! I love them so much and I would do everything for my kids, and that is why I chose to venture into working from home because I want [...]


Karen P. Tilos

Karen Tilos - Sales Coordinator Hello, my name is Karen and thank you for learning more about me. I am a very well rounded person and have always believed that managing ones time effectively is key in keeping a harmonious balance between personal life and work. Duringn spare time, I like going to a quiet café for a nice [...]


Joshua Alao

Joshua Alao - Customer Service Hi, how are you? Hope you doing well! Allow me to share my story with you. My dream is to become one the best Aircraft Mechanics here in the Philippines. I know nothing is impossible because I always believe that I CAN DO IT! But unfortunately, I was not able to achieve that goal [...]