Marvelous Barrios – CSR, Project Director

marvelous.j-barrios-formalHi, my name is Marvelous, my friends call me Marvz, but I always prefer to introduce myself as Marvelous so that people would know my parent’s effort in giving me such a beautiful name.

I got a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management at Bulacan State University – something that I thought wouldu happen. I was born and raised in a not so rich family. My father is a laborer and does not have a fixed income, while my mother stays at home and is busy securing the welfare of us, her children. Despite my parent’s limitations to provide for the family, I was given the chance to be part of a non-profit Christian organisation that focuses on taking part in releasing the vulnerable children around the world from poverty in Jesus’ name. Through this organisation, I was able to be recognised. I had the chance to have access to regular health screening and treatment, Dental check-ups, and access to Education.

marvelous-barrios-travelThat blessing led me to step into the corporate world, my first job being in a BPO company. I worked there as a Sponsor Donor Relations Representative for 2 years. I then transferred to work in a Non-government Organisation as a Donor Care Specialist, where I also spent 2 years. As of today, I am currently working as a Project Director of Bethel Student Center in partnership with an International Non-government Organisation.

My work and life experiences helped me acquire skills such as customer service, communication both in verbal and written, planning and budgeting, people and organisation management, leadership, and public speaking. I have also learned how to blend in with different people with great differences both in age and personalities. I am a visionary and goal-oriented. I love helping people reach their goals and I always want everything to be done on time. I can do multitasking and still deliver a great result. I am eager to learn new things and always open to improvement.

I would be very happy to work and partner with you.

For a copy of Marvelous’ resume please click here.