Michael Jordan Ortega Montes – Account Manager

michael-jordan-montes-profileGet your tissue ready for a dramatic story of mine… just kidding.

First off, allow me to introduce myself. I am Michael Jordan. My friends used to call me MJ. Don’t be deceived by my name, I don’t play basketball. Instead, I spend my free time travelling. I’ve been to 10 countries for the last 5 years exploring. From discovering different delicacies, to knowing different cultures. One of the craziest experiences I had is when I went skydiving in Wollongong, Australia. Imagine the feeling when you are about to jump at 10,000 ft. from an airplane. It was incredible! I believe traveling is not merely just a leisure but also more of a refresher and educator to me. Travelling taught me so many different things. I learned how to be more appreciative, to deal with different people with different personalities. It also humbled me seeing that there is a lot to discover and a whole world to explore.

I’m sure that sounds like I am living a dream. But not really. Those happy experiences do not come easy. I started working when I was 16 years old. I was a self-supporting student at that time as a crew in a fast food company. I also used to be a call center agent during my college days. I got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2017. Dreams do come true. It only proves that with determination and hard work, nothing is impossible.

michael-jordan-montes-hikingI got my first corporate job in IBM as a Project Manager Officer. I was responsible in handling project level issues, change request and other project modification. Generate LOE (Level of Effort) calculation for both Estimation and Contract Level. That lasted for 3 years, before I moved to PCCW Solutions. It is a Hong-Kong based company where I also served in the Project Management field for more than 2 years, governing projects and dealing with change requests.

I started to work home-based last year in an Engineering company based in Australia as an Operations Manager dealing with lead generation and communicating with potential leads. I am still connected with this company as a part-timer and have the most generous and kind boss. I also used to be a an Account Manager in a dental insurance company based in United States, however I feel like my health is being compromised due to graveyard schedule. So now, I am ready to take new challenges and work with virtual assistant team!

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