Rachelle Ocampo – Administrative Assistant and ESL Teacher

Rachelle Ocampo VAIt is my passion to help others. I love to do the jobs they hate.

I have recently worked and started my career as an Executive Assistant to a CEO, and yes it isn’t easy. It is a very challenging job as I didn’t have any experience. Everything is new, but I guess that is what makes it motivating and fulfilling. As the expression goes, “Experience is the best teacher.”

Being an Executive Assistant is a tough job. I was ecstatic to have secured an executive position, but I wondered how much responsibility I’d have in this type of role. My new boss assured me she will guide me and help me to excel in this chosen career. After all, she had a strong reputation for mentoring her assistants. They had all gone on to have incredible careers. This brings me peace of mind.

Without a doubt, being an “EA” is one of the most invaluable experiences of my career, and this is an opportunity I would never discredit. You shouldn’t either.

When I was young I loved to explore different jobs. And when I didn’t feel challenged I tended to find another job. I guess when you are young, you are hungry and ambitious. You want to reach success at an advanced pace.

Rachelle Ocampo VAThe reality of this came when I found this job. Being an executive assistant can be very rewarding. Many people start off being an assistant and eventually go on to do incredible things.

I’ve learned that when you work hard and prove that you can tackle more than what’s on your plate, you’ll often be able to leverage well-earned connections to explore different areas of a company. As an assistant, I’d volunteer and raise my hand for anything and everything, from handling the petty cash fund, paper clippings, filings, helping with contracts, social media things. My goal was to be the go-to girl for everything.

Looking back, I feel incredibly blessed to have worked for an executive who invested in my career growth early on. This isn’t guaranteed with any job that you take, but I found that when you go the extra mile and make the most of each opportunity, you set yourself up for success. And another fulfillment is being able to give my children the life that they deserve.

I always wanted to put my best foot forward in everything that I do. My main goal is to help my executive do the jobs that they hate. I believe that assistants are superheroes without a cape! And I am one of them.

I am a mum and a career woman at the same time.

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