Rei Charles P. Suarez – Bookkeeper

rei-charles-suarez-formalFreeze! This is a robbery of your time!

Hi there! I would like to introduce myself so that you will have a peaceful night of sleep when you know the name of the one who robbed your time. I am Rei Charles P. Suarez.

I grew up here in Davao City, Philippines. I am the eldest among 4 siblings. My father is an Architect and my mother quit her job so that she could take care of us siblings.

My father used to work for an experienced Architect and during the days of his employment, he would usually come to work late. The Architect he worked for assumed that my father prioritised his own projects rather than those of his boss. My father decided to resign in order to ease any misunderstandings and for him to be able to maintain a good track record.

My father then setup his own Architectural firm and I was part of the financial department. At first we struggled coping with the expenses at home and the expenses of the business. During my college days, I was tasked to buy some materials for some of our projects and afterwards, I would make a report of our expenses. I was on my 1st year of College during that time and I was taking Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. I was trained by both of my parents to do bookkeeping, keeping track of the DTR, and on how to create Payroll of construction workers because here in the Philippines, it is common practice for construction workers to request a “CA” or Cash Advance during Wednesdays, which will then be deducted from their salary on Saturdays.

After my graduation in 2006, I stopped working at my father’s firm because I was offered a teaching job (Senior High School) at my Alma Matter, the University of Mindanao. It was so exciting to have a teaching job, but it was not easy because the process of being a regular employee in a private school requires a Teaching License, Master’s Degree or earned Units in Masteral studies. You are evaluated for 3 years after you have fulfilled the requirements and only then will you have a chance to become a regular employee. I decided not to continue my teaching contract.

Year 2017, I applied at the Ateneo de Davao University as an SHS Instructor. I chose this school because of the benefits they gave to their regular and contractual employees and also their process of regularisation is much easier compared to my previous employer. During my stay in ADDU, I was able to further enhance my skills because I was teaching Accounting related subjects. I learned that in order for you to teach effectively, you must read and study on your own first.

Sadly I was forced to resign after a year because my wife fell pregnant and we didn’t want to rely on other people to take care of our child. I decided to work at rei-charles-suarez-sporthome so that I could take care of our baby and help lessen our financial burden.

Year 2018, my parents decided to rent a space and set up a small eatery and car wash. I volunteered myself to become their bookkeeper so that I could keep track of their Investment. I am also working as a part-time bookkeeper for my uncle who lives in Canada.

Currently I am still looking for a stable job to showcase my skills and to enhance the skills needed for a specific client. I am an ambitious person because not only I want to offer my skill set, I also want to connect with different clients around the world.

I hope you will consider a time robber like me to join your company.

Thank you for reading!

For a copy of Rei’s resume please click here.