Shiela Cruz Macasieb – Customer Service Representative

shiela-macasieb-profile“Professionalism: It’s NOT the job you DO, It’s HOW you DO the job.”
— Anonymous

This is one of the statements, I must say, that clearly describes my perception towards professionalism.

As I gain more experiences and learn different skills, it has always been my main value to be professional in every job I do.

There are many different people who are more likely skilled and experienced than me, but having the maximum level of professionalism takes me a step higher.

As an employee for over 10 years in BPO industry, I have learned to work with integrity, faced challenges under pressure with minimum supervision and handled all types of clients.

My customer service experiences taught me how to assist every type of customer in both oral and written ways. I have handled both incoming and outgoing customer service calls and emails.

shiela-macasieb-bondingI have also learned strategies on how to request something from a client such as medical records plus how to introduce products and services to prospective clients with my sales and outbound retrieval experiences.

In addition, being a Subject Matter Expert previously, my leadership skills were molded as I was given the opportunity to handle a group of people with different attitudes. In this role, I have learned to adjust to different scenarios and come up with outside of the box solutions for non-urgent and urgent matters.

Alongside these skills, I became an expert on various administrative tasks such as creating reports, email templates, using different Microsoft applications, researching and a lot more.

Applying everything I learned towards the job, being eager to learn something new and having the right attitude, are my keys to being successful in every role I do. This way, I can assure every client – the satisfaction and services they need to succeed.

On a personal note, I am a mother of two excellent little girls aged 8 and 13.

We usually watch movies and travel to nearby provinces to bond with each other. We enjoy nature, beach hopping, and attending acting workshops. We also enjoy going to shopping malls and arcades.

My children are aspiring artists and I support them to reach what they want to achieve. I worked significantly to ensure that I will be able to finance their acting workshops as their first step in reaching their dreams.

I am also a Professional Civil Service passer and a licensed Financial Adviser.

My pure intention is to be of assistance to you in the future and I’m looking forward for a long-term working relationship with you.

For a copy of Shiela’s resume please click here.