Shinga Mavazhe – Content Writer, Social Media

shinga-mavazhe-casualMy name is Shinga Mavazhe. I’m a content writer, social media content creator, blogger and essentially a virtual assistant.

I developed an interest in writing through poetry and blog writing for my own personal blog until about two years ago when I decided to start doing online work. I found it interesting and a great use of my skills. I have experience with curating social media content, content for online stores and essentially any type of content I may be required to help with. I can carry out a variety of tasks and I’m also up to date with current trends on social media.

I work great under pressure, I’m goal-orientated, focused and a fast learner. I execute all my tasks on time and I have no problem meeting deadlines. I am a native English speaker and my written English is good. I have a personal blog where I occasionally write my own personal experiences, views, and opinions on societal issues. Having a blog has influenced my decision to be a content writer and it has allowed me to practice as well as understand content creation.

I believe I’m a good fit for a virtual assistant job because I am passionate, hard-working and I’m a fast learner. I can easily adapt to any working environment and I have a great interest in content writing and creation as well as marketing for different shinga-mavazhe-by-the-parkniches.

I’m currently based in the Philippines and I’ve lived here for about a year, prior to which I lived in China for three years. I love to explore different cultures and experiences through traveling. I experiment a lot with cooking different cuisines and trying out various things.

During my free time, I read a lot of books, particularly self-help and poetry as well as write my own pieces on various experiences, views, and opinions. I also enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, touring, and a few sports to help me keep fit. I’m very confident and a great public speaker, spoken word artist as well as a part-time tutor here and there.

For a copy of Shinga’s resume please click here.