Kris Marie Alconada

Kris Alconada - Customer Support Representative, Data EntryIt's my pleasure to introduce myself, my name is Kris Marie Alconada, I am 34 years old, with two kids, from Batangas City. I am originally from Iloilo City but since I got separated from my husband, I decided to stay here in Batangas city with my sisters.SchoolI graduated from Central Philippines University, [...]


Karyn Durbin-Zlatkovic

Hello there, my name is Karyn. I am here to be your Virtual Assistant extraordinaire! I love doing the nitty gritty work of sorting out issues and solving problems. I like organising and getting things into order. Able to work with little supervision, I recently completed a university degree online from home with an above average GPA of 5.3, meaning I got several distinctions. I am Australian-born and I currently reside on the East Coast of Australia, on the Gold Coast. I have been teaching English for five years in Asia, Europe, and Central Australia. I have an Australian accent with a slight English twang and also possess excellent cross-cultural communication skills. I have tutored literacy and numeracy as well as history, geography, and art in primary, secondary and tertiary levels (University).