Karyn Durbin-Zlatkovic – Human Resources and Administration

Karyn-Z-vaHello there, my name is Karyn. I am here to be your Virtual Assistant extraordinaire!

I love doing the nitty gritty work of sorting out issues and solving problems. I like organising and getting things into order. Able to work with little supervision, I recently completed a university degree online from home with an above average GPA of 5.3, meaning I got several distinctions.

I am Australian-born and I currently reside on the East Coast of Australia, on the Gold Coast. I have been teaching English for five years in Asia, Europe, and Central Australia. I have an Australian accent with a slight English twang and also possess excellent cross-cultural communication skills. I have tutored literacy and numeracy as well as history, geography, and art in primary, secondary and tertiary levels (University).

I have lived in Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand, and in the Central Deserts of Australia around my home town of Alice Springs. Prior to my travels, I worked in the Gold Coast and Sydney film studios in the capacity of office administration in the Art Department which is a fast-paced and high-pressure role. It was a fantastic experience spanning five years where I got to do and see a lot of really interesting things. That role taught me about being organised as we had to walk into an empty studio and setup our office from scratch, then project manage the set construction and decorating. I was responsible for the daily cost Karyn-Z-vareport where I liaised with the production accountant. I worked right through to selling the assets and packing up at the end of production.

What led me into my film career was having my own web-design business for 5 years, so I am proficient in HTML, and web-marketing including SEO. I know a little CSS and JavaScript as well. Having this experience means I understand the pressure business owners are under and I can work to support you to achieve your goals.

I also provide English language writing services – writing, proofreading, editing and copy-writing. As I recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in psychological science, my interests include psychology and neuroscience.

Now that I have a little daughter, my life has settled down quite a bit and I am looking to be your dedicated assistant where I can telecommute and pursue my hobbies in my after-work hours time. My hobbies include knitting, crocheting, gardening and making art with my daughter.

For a copy of Karyn’s resume please click here.