Ivan Quilon – CSR and Appointment Setter

ivan-quilon-casualHi, my name is Ivan Quilon. I am 32 years old and happily married to my beautiful wife. We have one handsome baby boy named Miguel.

I have worked in the BPO industry for more than 3 years as a Customer Support Representative and Technical Support Representative.

At first, it was very hard for me since it was my first time working in a call center, but I was determined to learn. My wife motivates me to work hard.

My responsibilities in my previous job included taking 30 inbound calls a day, answering all their inquiries and helping them with troubleshooting. During my tenure, I was promoted as one of the Subject Matter Experts and assisted new hire agents on how to effectively handle customers and taught them about our products. I also coached them on what to do if ever they received calls from customers which they were unfamiliar with. I performed one on one coaching sessions with each agent, especially those who have attendance issues. I also helped them expand their product knowledge and developed their character as an agent. We also make sure that the action plan by my ivan-quilon-profilesupervisor is followed.

It was very fulfilling for me to handle a team and see improvements along the way because I saw that all my hard work paid off. My experience in BPO companies helped me develop my leadership skills, organisational skills and has provided me with the knowledge on how to provide great quality service to the customers.

When my wife gave birth to our baby, I decided to leave my previous company to take care of my family. That was when I started looking for a home based job. I thought it was going to be easy to look for online job opportunities since I already have work experience as a Customer Support Representative, but I was wrong. The competition here is fierce. So right now, I am still looking to find a home based job that would fit my skills.

Are you my next employer?

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