Adriana Hermann

I had my education here and haven’t visited the country I was born in (Switzerland) for a long time now. That’s right, I was born in Switzerland but since my mum is a Filipina, she and my father decided to settle here and send me to school at Silliman University. I started my education there but unfortunately we had an accident and we had to bring my father to Manila for surgery and treatment. Mum said they opened his head. Well I saw his scars near his ears on both sides. That accident changed our lives. After my father’s operation and after surviving the ICU, we went back to Switzerland to continue my father’s medication there. And also because that’s what my other siblings wanted. Oh yes, I have siblings… a lot actually. Haha. See, my father had a wife before my mum. They had 10 children. Yes, 10! After that, my father had a relationship with a Filipina and he adopted her daughter. They separated and then he met my mum.